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  1. Noluck

    Navy Pilot?

    I'm all for it, DCS please support our ocean guardians. Go NAVY! ---
  2. As mentioned before, I do NOT have, nor ever have had the Vsync option enabled in DCS as you are indicating. The only thing I did to get the Winwing script from eating my FPS was to change the Nvidia Control Panel setting [Vertical Sync] option from 'Use the 3D application setting' to the 'Fast' option and save. That is all. I assume you are from Wingwing support? ---
  3. Yes, you have to be logged in. Why, I have no idea and I hate the fact that you have to have internet just to run a script to support some lights! ---
  4. 1) I do not have any vsync set or enabled in DCS. I only have the fast vsync setting in Nvidia. 2) Simapppro is working fine minimized, my bad. ---
  5. I can vouch for setting the Nvidia control panel setting, from Vsync = Off to Vsync = Fast fixes the Winwing script FPS issue on my system. In fact, with Vsync set to Fast I see no FPS drops at all with my setup. With it off is a big FPS hit with the script. I still have an issue why I have to have the Winwing app running in the background to make it work. Also, you can't hit the minimize button on the top right, it will exit the app. Winwing has some work to do. ---
  6. I already posted elsewhere, but 2.7.2.x (latest) is actually performing better than 2.6.x. At first it was horrible, with a big FPS hit. I did everything in the threads... until I forgot to delete my ../Saved Games/DCS folder after backing it up. After that the FPS went back to normal plus some for me. After restoring my minimal settings, HOTAS, livery's and all... it was still good. After copying the ../Saved Games/DCS/Scripts folder from my backup, things went back low FPS. Turned out to be the Tacview and Winwing scripts running in the the Export.lua file. I commented those out and left the SRS script in there. Then I re-run and all good for me now. My test mission F/A-18C -> Instant Action -> NTTR -> Free Flight showed 70 FPS at start and as I head to Vegas for low level testing I was getting 50+ FPS at 100 ft AGL. FPS before 2.7.x update was ~60 FPS start and ~35 FPS low respectfully. Also, Syria I'm getting 70+ at altitude and around 50 low level. I consider that's not bad for my older hardware (listed in sig). ---
  7. I use F/A-18C -> instant action -> NTTR (Nellis) -> Ready on Ramp since day one to test my FPS on the ground and in the air flying towards downtown Vegas. I actually have better FPS in the air/over Vegas than previous versions. On the ground, prior to taxi/takeoff is about the same with my option settings that pretty much have not changed much. I'm using 2.7.2.x latest beta as of today. ---
  8. For what it's worth... If I select f/a-18c -> instant action -> syria -> freeflight. At start I get ~60FPS which is good for my older hardware and close to the ground. Following the lead Hornet inland, then entering A/A master mode I get MASSIVE FPS drops and stutter. Going back to NAV mode and it's back to normal. Repeatable every time I start that instant mission. Otherwise I'm getting 70+ FPS at altitude. I'm on the latest 2.7.2 beta ---
  9. I just got the last Winwing panel in, so I now have both the Takeoff and Combat. Do I like them, of course... I could not build a button box at that low of cost to do what these panels accomplish. FPS report : I get an average of 15-20 FPS DROP with Winwing enabled in the background to turn on-off the push buttons, landing gear, etc. So for now, I'm not using the Winwing software nor scripts to sync my panels. The update rate on the Winwing script should poll only every 30'th of a second or so? ---
  10. I just started to use Tacview. Thank you for the link... that helps for sure. ---
  11. FYI : maybe this will help others with strange FPS issues? Wanted to post over a week ago, anyway... Current : DCS : v2.7.2.7910 NVIDIA : v466.77 I traced down what was causing my FPS issues. It was not the latest DCS 2.7.2 update that I fought with cleaned, repaired, etc. After re-naming my ../Saved Games/DCS folder, re-running DCS with fresh options, etc. I got my FPS back to normal for my system (see sig for that). After much digging and restoring my user settings, HOTAS, liveries, etc It turned out to be Tacview. I removed those Tacview scripts from my ../Saved/Games/DCS/Scripts folder and behold, back to my normal performance. Hope this might help someone out there. Cheers... ---
  12. Noluck


    This software needs some serious work. No way am I going to have to "Sign In", leave the app running, and to have these scripts or whatever enabled. Now I can't login to 'Winwing' for some reason and have no support from the GUI or any help. I did an un-install and a re-install, still can't login to my 'winwing' account, so this program is DEAD. Technically as a test program it's works great to test your panels. One big issue with me is you have to be LOGGED IN to use the app and sync your LED indicators on your TO and LDG panels. No offline mode? Feel like I have real China jeebies right about... now. ---
  13. Just having the Tacview scripts, even existing files as in just residing in the ../Saved Games/DCS/Scripts folder, and even with the DCS Options to disable Tacview, will kill my FPS by as much as -40-50%! This is after the latest 2.7.2.x beta update, my system went into 'crawl mode' and extreme FPS loss. The files are in ../Saved Games/DCS/Scripts : Export.lua and TacviewGameExport.lua I installed Tacview about the time I updated to the latest 2.7.2x Beta, so it was my bad not to chase this down earlier. Anyway, got it figured out finally... remove those Tacview script files as shown above, re-launch and your good to go. ---
  14. Noluck

    SIMAPP Pro Setup

    MANY THANKS FOR THIS! Saved a a lot of headache! Got the Combat Panel working perfectly. Have the Landing Panel on order. Good stuff. [edit] I shared this post/link to Reddit r/hotas to help others out. Thanks again for a life saver. ---
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