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  1. EDIT: Used A1 mode and fixed my issue in BETA. Howdy all, I have an issue when I hit T1 to move the crosshairs with the radarstick the crosshairs don't show and I cant control them on the radar to use the RB-04E anti-ship missiles. I've used the radarstick before to move mavericks and the radarstick worked fine. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Landing can be fun and rewarding APP and raising the seat really helped me. Go ahead and try out the zero visibility landing with the M2000 using ILS to see the outline of the runway in the hud. I think its the only module that does it. There is a truck next to the runway that provide this tech/ability! Cheers
  3. Walkman Crashing DCS When I press play DCS CTD. Didnt know we can play B-sides! Cant wait to get this to work.
  4. Walkman Crashing DCS Howdy all, When I press play on the Walkman DCS crashes. Anyone else have this issue? EDIT: I do not have any other .ogg files other than the default Viggen song. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, Rudel_chw. I will check it out!
  6. RAT Not Working Is this working with the latest patch? I had it working and now it's not. I have tried everything besides reinstalling DCS. How can i debug RATs? BTW, I LOVE MOOSE! Funky and Flightcontrol, you both are amazing and talented developer! Thank you for MOOSE over the years and all the hard work. I think only a small percent of users really understand MOOSE and all its features but if more people would would just look at it then they would see a new dynamic world of DCS open up.
  7. RAZbugs Spent the last thirty minutes trying to get the FAR to work in the tutorial mission and after reading your post I changed it to NEAR and now I can change to 640-1300. This is sad a known bug just sits around wasting everyone's time. Thanks for the post.
  8. Howdy all, I have a split screen setup to learn aircraft with DCS on the left and a browser/PDFs on the right (see image below). My issue is if I click on anywhere on the right side and then go back to DCS the fullscreen takes over the entire screen until I ALT-ENTER a few times. Not a big deal but looking to see if there is a better way. Without fullscreen DCS launches in the center of my screen. My setup: Fullscreen is enabled. 1Camera.lua: Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1440; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1920/1440; } } GU_MAIN_VIEWPORT = Viewports.Center Thanks for any help! :)
  9. First Time TACAN and it had to be bugged! First time using and learning the TACAN and thought I was doing something wrong. Did the mission twice and used visual navigation to finish the mission. :doh:
  10. Unspecified recipient called I have installed VIACOM PRO and set up a PTT but all I get is "Unspecified recipient called: using default unit for this category" no matter what I do. Anyone? Thanks EDIT (still not working but): So hilarious! While trying to get this working I said "ATC Request Take Off" and it came back with "ATC Request a Cough". Yes, Im actually getting over a cold. LOL This was corrected by going through the voice recognition tutorial. Forgot I had rebuilt my OS and needed to do that again. FIXED My Issue: After reading the manual again I remembered I had moved and renamed the DCS install directory to my new NVMe drive without the version "2.5.4" in the name. I decided to scrub the registry and correct all old paths and reboot. That fixed it for me. I'm so excited!
  11. My apologies, I shouldn't have posted right before bed. :doh: Your list is perfect! :thumbup:
  12. This list is just what I was looking for! My first aircraft to learn was the Su-27 and then the MiG-15bis. Now I am starting the MiG-21 and wondered if there was a list I could go by when aircraft went in to service. It's cool to get the feel of the technology and limitation of the times. Your list, Jarlerus, is more than I could have hoped for! And with WEAPONS!!! Thanks mate! Is there an indication of what aircraft are flyable? I purchased them all except for the Hawk (since its not supported going forward) but others, I think, would find it useful. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks for explaining the FC3 modules. My apologies about the NS430 modules as those two I didn't purchase until now. I shouldn't be up twenty hours installing MOOSE, learning LUA scripting, and doing a dozen DCS things at once. I have the DCS bug bad. ;)
  14. Missing FC3 Modules in List & Installer Error DCS Updater is showing all FC3 modules missing except for FC3:Su-25T and I have purchased FC3. I can play each FC3 module and use them in the ME. It does look like I need to install both NS430 GPS L-39 & Mi-8 modules but I get the following error ("the system cannot find the path" pic attached). Thanks for this sweet software!
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