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  1. I was not a helicopter guy. But the Mi-8 converted me. It is pretty much my favorite helicopter after the Mi-24.
  2. 1.3 VSO +10 kept me alive flying other types. On windy days I have seen wind shear of +-15 knots low over trees. It's good to carry a few extra knots on such days.
  3. I don't use the controls indicator popups. I find them unnecessary and annoying.
  4. I have noticed definite improvements when running a complex mission on a separate dedicated server machine over running single player or client-server on same machine.
  5. Redkite makes some great documentary videos. However, much like the Daytona 500, I have yet to finish one of them while still awake . But I am sure the A2G video will be great. Keep them coming.
  6. I really wish ED would just give the community a clear and concise community mod API. I too want to develop models for DCS. But there is so much hacking and guessing going on. I will not start a major project without a documented API. Is there an API for community modders?
  7. They (ED) think that the FC3 planes being able to hear all channels at once is a feature. I think it's something that should be selectable. Just put a check box item in the special tab or something to select whether you want to hear all channels or a specific channel. FC3 planes need to be able to use the radios like other planes. OR, how about just making full modules for the FC3 birds. They all deserve to be full modules anyway.
  8. Eagle Dynamics should modernize the APA-5D Ural 4320 as well as give us some tow bars and other ramp items. I also once used the Virpil mod. Now I am inclined to build these things myself. But that will take a while. However, lack of an official API for modding these things puts a damper on community mods.
  9. I don't think they have all that much say Skate.
  10. Takeoff feels better in the Yak. Landings appear to be better too.
  11. I don't think balanced is more fun. It's arcade like. If DCS ever goes "balanced", then I am out.
  12. one of my favorites. Notable is the use of the "RAM" mount for the GPS and all the glare on the windscreen at takeoff.
  13. Which motherboard? Also I don't know how well the 3070 does at VR.
  14. That's one of the best things about flying a sim
  15. Good luck man. It's a long journey.
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