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  1. Yes, tried it. Just can say unconclusiv. Dont really witness a difference.
  2. Made the 'upgrade' from 0.63 yesterday. Doing so I also tried to get my system to run at 90fps by disabling everything, but did not get the 90 consistently. Overall when below 90, even at 80fps it felt quite stuttery. My chill-induced 46fps (46 feels better then 45 for me) feel much better. Still I never would call 45fps smooth. I have lots of ghosting looking to the sides. And its way worse then 60 fps in nauseating 60Hz-mode. Still even at 45fps this is the first time in DCS, where I dont prefer 60-fps-TrachIR/monitor over VR. If they manage to implement a well working MR I could finally switch to VR completly.
  3. Hi. Im having problems with the chinahat doing strange things (going to LSS in the A-10c out of the blue or upon a sudden move of the throttle). Also Boatswitch not behaving properly. Going to WinGamecontrollers (where the buttons did not work correctly either) and resetting them to 'standard' has solved it for me up to now. Still Im not sure, if this is a mechanical problem, since the gear-button (gear-warning) definitly is broken. Not using Target-software. Just standard Windows-drivers. Only about 500, maybe 750 hrs at most on the throttle.. Any suggestions of how to check the chinahat and boatswitch? I guess opening the throttle and checking the cables would be the first step....
  4. Hi. Tried that already and it did not work for me. Also when I restarted the PC, it was as it was before. Thx
  5. Just a question for understanding. Im having MR off and using Radeo Chill to keep my fps to 45. With my settings I can achieve that quite well and strangely with fixed 45fps it feels smoother than with variable fps around 50-60. Most noticeable this is when I move my head sidewards to the left or right while looking forward. But while moving the picture gets slightly blurry for that time. Same for looking at my 3/9. As long my system can keep the 45 its a bit blurry, but kind of smooth. But once it goes down to say 43 the whole picture gets jumpy. The reason why at 45fps it feels smoother is, because its half refresh rate of my G2? Or because the framerate is fixed and not changing all the time? I havent tried this yet, but I assume having higher fixed fps with Chil (say 60fps) will not feel as smooth as 45fps. MR right now is no option for me, because the picture looks strange like having larger raindrops on my lens. Im still using mainly TrackIR. But since I have a G2 for simracing, Id like to make this work (Im testing in stable DCS), since with this mod for me VR in DCS for the first time seems nice. Even the image quality on monitor is still far supirior and fixed 60fps feel much smoother than anything I had in VR. Edit: I just found the answer to my question regarding 45fps in a post a few pages back.
  6. I dont want DLSS. It might be great, but its only for one group and cutting out another. Which btw is probably intentional from Nvidia. Id prefer things like FSR (2.0), that are open to everyone. Even if DLSS is better. Maybe, if AMD and Intel can gain considerablly more market-share, this discussion could be over soon anyway.
  7. So, I recently I did not fly DCS at all, but when I saw this thread I had to try it. Im running OpenBeta with TrackIR and for testing purposes Stable with VR (G2). For me going to OpenXR the difference is massiv. Almost all of the shimmering inside the cockpit and much of the ouside has gone. And the shimmering was the worst thing, that put me off going to VR. Clarity is also greatly improved for me. Performance seems to be a bit better, but not much. It seems now my GPU (AMD 6700XT) seems to get utiziled at close to 100%, while in SteamVR I often had "drops" to 20% and fps-drops to 30 or below, even I had constant 15ms GPU-frametimes, even lower CPU-frametimes and GPUMem with only filled up to 80%. Flying felt ok, but the MR (in SteamVR-mode via WMRforSteam-settings) felt smoother (when at 45fps). I tried MR, but that hat the mentioned artifacts and fps went down also. With my lowish settings (50% rendering but 4x MSAA) I managed to get around 50fps, often 60fps. In 60Hz-mode it was the smoothest experience in VR that I had in DCS up to now. But since the 60Hz-mode gives me a headache and nausia, this is not practical for me. So my conclusion for this first test would be, if I had a 6900XT Id probably change to VR right away. But since I dont want to buy another GPU, especially so close to the release of the next generation (RDNA3 is supposed to more than dobule 6900XT perf), Ill still have to wait. But things regardling VR in DCS look much brigher for me right now, than they did before my OpenXR-test.
  8. Youre probably right about the multicore-support. I did some more tests, which in DCS are sometimes pretty hard, since if you change someting, it often will not get applied after the restart. Cleaning FXO and METASHADER did not help me in the past too often, so I dont use it. What I found was, when going to "force DX11" my GPU-usage went up to 95-98% (which means 50-70fps with my lowish settings), so where it is supposed to be. But turning on motionvector again, this changed. Of course the GPU was not fully utilized when the cap of 45fps was reached, but also below 45fps utilizations was not maxed. Still the drops were not as bad as in DX12. But since DX11 is visibly blurrier, I dont want to use it. Going back to DX12 with no motionvector, I often had drops below 30fps und GPU-utilizations sometimes briefly down to 25%. For the most part I had 70-80%. These findings to me seem to point the finger towards DCS and its somehow imperfect (some might say poor) implementation of VR. Since other people with 3070s also have this sitiuation at least does not support my thoghts, that it might be related to AMD-hardware. I just think (as this was mentioned often before by better informed people than me) that VR-DCS cant use some hardware to its full potential. Maybe people with 3090, that have a higher bandwith and more computeunits, dont witniss this problem. But Im not willing to pay the prices asked for those GPUs. So for me in the end its simple. Ill stay in 2D until the new engine (Vulcan) maybe can cure some of the problems DCS has in VR and will use my Reberb only for occasional jumps into VR in DCS. Also putting my hopes into the upcoming (dont know when though) Valve-headset. I saw a video, where it was mentioned, that Valve work on split rendering, which could mean, that the headset with its own chip, could support the GPU, which again could mean, that finally higher fps (monitorlike settings) in DCs-VR could be possible.
  9. Thx for your input. I also tested this with another game and also my GPU was not maxed most of the time. But since this affects also Nvidia-GPUs its probably not an AMD-thing, but more likely the implementation of VR in DCS or VR in general. Still this raised the question for me, what an GPU-upgrade in VR is worth? Spending an extra 800e (over the resale-value of my current 6700) to have the new GPU run at 75% on average with still mediocre settings (compard to my monitor-settings right now) does not make any sense to me. Anyway, I guess I will have to accept this. Which actually isnt a real problem, since Im still mostly on Monitor/TrackIR and will stay there until the next gen of headsets comes along. Too much tweaking to get a still poor result for me.
  10. Hi. Thx for the advice. Running at 60fps makes (in my case) for a more pleasent ride. But my overall problem still exists. Even my CPU and GPU frametimes are low (eg 10ms CPU and 15ms GPU) I have drops below 45fps when in 90hz-mode with GPU-utilization only at eg 70%.. Had the same with 60Hz using a bit higher video settings. To my understanding when in motion reprojection, if the GPU is able to render 45fps, it will "stop" there, so there might be lower GPU-utilization. But once below the 45fps the GPU should work at ~100% to get as many fps as possible, if the CPU is able to keep up, which in my case it is. Still I often have 35fps AND 70% GPU-utilization. The CPU cant be the bottleneck, since as stated before I usually have around 10-15ms CPU-frametimes (in normal situations) and in my understanding everyting up to ~22ms CPU-frametimes should not bottleneck the GPU. With 60fps its the same, but the GPU-frametimes are different since I then increased the videosettings. Is there another potential bottleneck, that could restrain my system? Could a damaged cable to the headset (audio often has dissconections, so video could be problematic too) be the reason? Thx
  11. Hi. There are quite a few photos around where people eg with a cable tie fixed the connector to the halo on the strap. Also then will probably remove the clip since this seems to create a point of high strain to the cable. But right now until I have sorted out my concerns with the seller, Ill leave it in the way I got it.
  12. Hi. The problem is, that once below 45 Im out of motion reprojection and everything gets a bit jittery. So its actually a visible difference between 40 and 45fps, especially when looking to the side. And if the GPU were maxed all the time, Id be much less often below those 45fps. Actually with my current low settings only being low should drop the fps below 45fps. Looking at my pic from before, one can see, that in that situation even I have GPU-frametimes of ~15, that should result in someting like 60fps, I actually only have 35fps, hence no motion reprojection and a jittery image...
  13. Addition to above: Gamemode and Hags is off. Motion vector on and off is the same low GPU usage.
  14. Hi. Testing a ReberbG1 right now. Normally Im still on Monitor/TrackIR. Plz look at my fpsVR. I have (with my low settings) good frametimes of around 15ms and also CPU frametimes around 10ms. Doing other flights I dont see often CPU-frametimes close to 20, let alone above 20. So to my understanding (CPU-frametimes lower than 22ms), there should be no reason why my actual FPS (using motion vector always active; but its same same when turned off) that low or my GPU is not maxed. Often I have 45fps, but quite often it drops to 35 with no reason I can understand. I somtimes see GPU-usage in the 90s, but much more often than that its around 60 or 70...... When on Monitor/TrackIR (and the fps-cap of 60 is off) I have consistent 98 or 99% GPU usage. Running a 5600x and a RX 6700XT at stock with 32GB Ram and all off SSDs in Win10. One interesting thing. I have not FOV-mod running; it seems ED have implemented this already to help VR. But most probably you all already know.
  15. Thx for the help. The link on the HP-site did not help, since the cable mentioned there has 3,6m, which I guess is the cable from the connecter to the PC. I have the problem with the cable coming out of the headset to the connector. A friend also tried the headset with his PC (also AMD based with with a Nvidia-videocard) and experienced the same problems, so Im pretty sure, its not me or my system but just the cable. Or it also could be a bad connection at the connector, even I have the later added clip Yes, the headset had the clip holding the two cables (second cable is the audio-cable) in place attached. For now I try to use the headset as it is with disabled audio, that I will get from bluetooth earbuds. I will try to fix the cable to the headset to releave it from strain, so the cable will not get damaged further. And I will keep looking for a solution. If I find one, Ill post it here. As expected the seller (private person) right now is unwilling to "settle" the situation; Im not sure, if persuing this legally is worth all the hassle coming with it. After all the Reverb still is usable, maybe even until Valve brings along it new headset, codenamed Deckard.
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