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  1. Hey do you know anything about setting up mist bomber formations?

  2. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Another example for the EGIW and 3PTSIW LSO grading I would like to understand, this time by Wags himself:
  4. Funny, I get it less in the Tomcat.
  5. Are there any new on this front? In the Hornet I tried to reproduce the EG bug, but I just cannot find something. Just to show, that I get an EG, even though I do not touch throttles after IC and go gate IW I made two examples for the EG issue. Maybe it helps. Currently the LSO grade logic is hard to trust, besides the issue, that the meat ball for the SC seems to be off (that is another topic). Minute 2:30 for the above PS: I know the video does not show the SC, but it is the same for the SC. I tried it here on the CVN59 to check, if it depends on the CV. It doesn´t.
  6. Wenn du damit IFA meinst, nein, nicht zwingend.
  7. Für die jenigen die es noch nicht kennen bzgl. der IHADSS:
  8. Ok, strange behavior. I thoughts it's because the scripting engine documentation for triggerzones so far knows only centerpoint coordinates and radius. Thanks for testing.
  9. The scripting engine only knows the centre of the zone and the radius. So basically it handles the box as a circle. That's what I meant.
  10. As far as I have found out, the scripting engine only knows trigger circle zones, so box shaped trigger zones are simply cosmetic and cannot be used as zones for triggers or other scripting.
  11. I made three BVR fights in an F14 Vs F16 AI Ace. At 20kft and Show the first AIM54 at 35nm and the second at 20nm and did a short skate. 2 of the 3 engagements the Vipers AIM120C the AI shot at around 30nm intercepted my first AIM54 and went straight on for me. I was also able to lock the Vipers AIM120C at 20nm and shoot it down with a AIM54. I cannot imagine this is intended, so I looked for a bug report here. This was all I found, so I report it here.
  12. Hi, ED changed the lua designation of All weapons, so all this scripts in this regard will need a rework. If you check the Moose framwork, you might find something for 2.7 weich essentially does the same.
  13. Moin LoHan, Hat es dich nun auch zu DCS und ins ED Forum verschlagen? Unkraut vergeht nicht, was? Und ja Zeit, ist auch nicht mehr das was es mal war. S!
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