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  1. Don't get me wrong, your comment at that moment obviously reveals patience and anticipation and you did right to break this long silence. I was about to do sth similar. It's your poor old Cougar that showed signs of impatience, that I was addressing to actually.
  2. Actually, I only hope @rel4y is healthy and strong. I've no doubt he's working the best he can for this project, but sometimes life gets in the way. Patience, support and encouragement is all it's needed.
  3. That makes me excited and impatient for my cougar's upgrade! Enjoy your 'new' TQS until the rest upgrades are ready! Btw, what is involved in radar cursor's installation? Is soldering needed?
  4. It is like having a flashback. This reminded me of Arend's similar challenge to obtain the 5 pin connector, as it was reported in his update post "FCC3 UPDATE 9 MARCH 2015"on his home page in http://vipercore.nl/index.php "The future of FCC3 production is secured. After a long search I have been able to source 1000 pcs of the Cougar centre connector, so I have enough connectors for the coming 50 years or so :) ". Imagine if these could pass to you. Beside the practical fact that you would be covered "for the coming 50 years or so", this would be as a heritage from the original FCC creator and a 'link' between the old and new FCC generation...
  5. It is great news that it didn't hit you hard! I wish a perfect recovery! Take care of yourself! Everything else can wait...
  6. This is something that I was thinking about lately...IRL the stick is tilted 13° forward and its base 6° backwards, resulting in the stick being 7° forward from vertical...(which is quite upright). But... the seat is reclined 30° backwards! So, the stick is 37° forward in relation to the pilot. Thus, for someone sitting in front of a desk, maybe 13° is less than what would be needed, to have the stick in a similar position to the pilot's. In this regard, I wouldn't consider it so unnatural. What do you think?
  7. Oh boy! I was anticipating for this update since the first teaser pics of the new FCC! So, it's getting closer to becoming true! If a kickstarter is needed, count me in! or as they say: " Shut up and take my money!" What a great homage to Arend also... I don't want to downplay your other projects though! The contactless ANT and RNG upgrades are very important also!(I'm looking forward to them!) ...Basically all mods for Cougar are important (I can't stress enough how much!), especially when there is currently no alternative replica in the market and no plans for a new version on the horizon... Thankfull for your work Rel4y!
  8. Hi Rel4y! Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! I'm glad that you're ok in these dire times! That's the most important! Take care and everything else will return back to normality (with the addition of the updated "FCC3"... ;) ), eventually...
  9. Oh, now I get the magnitude of my ignorance... From the beginning I was referring to the COUGAR TQS, while you were to the F-16 TQS. The older model...:doh: :blush: So...whatever I mentioned is irrelevant...Sorry for the confusion. (Should I delete my previous replies to not confuse others also? I'm not familiar with the forum procedures...)
  10. I rechecked and yes, mine are all Philips screws. FYI my SN is in the 299xx range. It seems different batches may have this kind of differences. I think it is good to be mentioned for anyone that writes guides or howto's to have in mind... Regarding the "little red thingy", what do you mean?...I am afraid I lost you there...:P
  11. Interesting...I've recently corrected the SPDBRK's misalignment and I clearly remember that all of the screws were Philips type...:huh: EDIT: By the way, kudos for taking the initiative to make this update , which even if I don't seem to need yet (since my TQS is relatively unused), it seems inevitable to fail, as rumor has it... Thanks for all your efforts man! :thumbup: I can't stress how important your work is! You give the chance to this very old cougar equipment to serve for many years yet...at least, until somebody (i.e., company) decides to reincarnate the beast...:music_whistling:
  12. First of all Happy New Year! So...did you have the chance to try PG44a? I'm in search of appropriate damping grease for improving my Cougar TQS's performance and feel and any such information is appreciated!
  13. :surprise: Oh man! This is surreal!!! Today I was pondering how unfortunate I have been that I didn't have the chance to own an FCC3, as I was thinking how to upgrade my abysmal original Cougar gimbals. And...here it is! A new Force sensing gimbal candidate in the making, featuring a striking resemblance to the FCC3! Oh boy! By "Electronics are updated though", do you mean that this, indeed, could be considered an FCC3 update? If this is the case, then don't, for the love of God, dare to quit this project!!! Ever!!! :D :thumbup:
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