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  1. With currently broken SPI you cannot lock a moving target with TGP and hand it over to maverick. Slewing maverick is the only option right now.
  2. When did they add settings page for CBU-97? I don't remember seeing it in any of the last changelogs. Is there any documentation explaining what these settings are for? The official manual has not been updated since October last year. I know what BA is but I don't understand why it's set to 500FT by default. All bomblets go straight into the ground when released from this altitude. How do you switch between C1-4 profiles and what LADD stands for?
  3. It's frustrating but it looks like not many players are affected, I bet they don't use axis to slew Mavs. I posted about it a few months ago. I use mini joystick to move cursor and a hat switch to slew mavericks.
  4. What's the point of having a feature-complete plane when its sensors cannot even track a moving target, because of a bug that was introduced and reported 4+ months ago? Bugs like this should be fixed in a week, not half a year (hopefully it won't take longer). Same thing was with Hip. ED broke sling loading which was a game breaker if you tried to play their payable campaign Oil Fields. We had to wait 6 months for a fix because they were happily working on Hind, completely ignoring old (not profitable) modules. Only when Hind was released they finally fixed the bug. I totally agree with OP. Existing bugs should have the highest priority.
  5. These artefacts also happen in openxr with MR turned on but since openxr is not officially supported in DCS I won't hold my breath :).
  6. And another track plus a short video. blind_petr.trk
  7. This has been reported already in another thread.
  8. Can someone confirm if changes to AI, mentioned in this video, have been implemented yet? They supposed to address AI not engaging in low light conditions. Maybe it's the same thing that affects Petrovich performance...
  9. I also noticed a lot of ghosting on the tips of Hellfires when looking at them from the cockpit.
  10. Turn off Motion Reprojection or switch back to SteamVR. You can also use 3Dmigoto tool and disable rotor in Apache but it will look weird. These artefacts are also present in MSFS and have never been fixed.
  11. Do you have any of these turned on? "cockpit illumination", "lens effect" and SSA
  12. Maybe I am blind but I cannot find a link for this experimental version anywhere in this topic. On the first page there is only a link for 15.1 version. ok. I've found it here. Works great. thx
  13. Is it shown as a white dot? If not, it's a datalink contact. You cannot lock it until your radar will detect it.
  14. How some of you can fly without MR is beyond me. I turned it off but stuttering and ghosting were unbearable, even with fps in range 60-70. I wanted to puke after a minute and I've been flying in VR since 2016. Thankfully only Apache is affected by MR artefacts, Hind and warbirds look fine.
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