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  1. Hi, here is the trackfile! easynotch01.trk So, can ED please explain to us how a multi-milion modern fox3 should work in reality? Do you guys at Eagle Dynamics really believe that a lazy turn to the 90° should easily trash an aim120 or any other modern fox3 missile? Please, take a look at the track, i notch all the missiles until THE MERGE and kill the bandit with my gun. Why do even bother putting missiles on the airplane?
  2. Here is a track of the main issue, the missile being too easy to notch. There are other issues in multiplayer causing missiles to miss in unreasonable situations as pointed out by others in this thread that are a harder to reproduce in a single player mission. aim120 too easy to notch_1.trk Also, the missile sometimes behaves like an iron dome kind of system. Look at this track. I chose the F/A-18 because its radar can reliably track missiles (for an unknow reason) to demonstrate the following problem: When you're having a close range fight and both planes fires simultaneously, the missiles often will swap target and they start tracking each other instead of tracking the planes, even when youre 100% sure that the contact you fired your missile was an enemy airplane. It happens a lot with the F16 in MP and its radar can't even track missiles, so there is no reason for the missiles to swap targets. Aim120 iron dome_1.trk
  3. That is a problem on this forums, no matter how obvious is the problem, there is always someone that comes with some delusional theroy to say the contrary just because.
  4. And missiles tracking other missiles ! For how long is that happening? for me its long enough to be considered a ''feature'' of the sim tbh, which is sad. I mean, the missile is already in a terrible state that you have to get 4nm close to a HOT enemy to have a high pk shot, only for it track the enemy missile like some kind of iron dome system. Not even arcade games have this level of nonsense.
  5. They will fix it when Heatblur releases the Typhoon and the Hornet still dominates it in every scenario
  6. No, its just common sense. And i dont want balance, this has nothing to do with balance. What i'm stating is simply obvious. I can't take serious people who defend the Hornet FM, for me or you're biased or youre straight up trolling. Anyways, its a game after all Take care.
  7. We are going off topic here, so this is my last reply. And as i said, Or ALL the DCS flight models are WRONG or the Hornet is off the ballpark So let me tell you something: An F/A-18 Hornet dominating EVERY 4th gen jet is simply not real. Idk, i believe that i'm stating something obvious here. You don't need data to notice that something is wrong. Anyways, i'm sure that one day ED will review it and make the necessary corrections to better match its real world reputation, but as my favorite plane in the game is a PITA to have to wait so long for it. In the meanwhile, if you want to fly the Viper in DACT, stay away from the Hornet. Its not fun and youre not learning anything fighting against it, only that if the F-22 was modelled in DCS, it would be close to what our Hornet is.
  8. I know that these statements come from a 7.5g Hornet. But my point is still valid, the Hornet will dominate the Viper. Not using the paddle in DCS doenst make it any less UFO. This whole paddle discussion wouldnt be much of a big deal if the flight model was correct. It is already wrong if you stick to real world parameters, and using the paddle only makes it worse. Then what is the problem? Of all the 4th gen jets in DCS, the Hornet is the one that stands out, mysteriously. Or all the DCS FM are WRONG or there is something funky going on with the Hornet. And this has nothing to do with people flying ''unrealistically''. Even if you dogfight it in ''milsim'' style, the results will be the same. The Hornet dominates, with or without paddle. OP asked about Viper vs Hornet in a mp envinroment so... And i agree, its not a competition, but stuff like this is immersion breaking for the most realistic sim in the marketing.
  9. In the DCS Hornet if you go full Aft stick it will get to max G in a second, so quick that it overshoots the G limiter. I dont know where you are seeing an issue. Yeah, the Hornet doenst like bleeding speed. Same thing happens If you're rating close to the deck and you get above 390kts the jet will never stop accelerating unless you use the paddle. Afaik some very knowledgeable community members tested the F-15 FM and so far it matches very well the public charts. It has been updated to the same stantard of the full fidelty modules FM. Common sense. Every interview, podcast or wherever you might find pilots talking about how the Hornet performs against a Viper in bfm there is a common statement: The Viper is a monster in 2 circle and the Hornet is awesome in 1 circle, and we know why is that. Viper: High TW, climb rate, rate ability. Hornet: ITR, high aoa nose pointing ability. You would expect that the Viper will have an edge in a 2 circle flow keeping great distance from the Hornet, while the Hornet will have an edge if he tricks the Viper to the slow speed fight. Pick a Viper against a Flanker in DCS (The Flanker flies bfm very similar to the Hornet) You will see EXACTLY that. Suddenly tactics described in bfm books starts working, and the Viper does justice to its rl reputation. It doesnt dominate the Flanker, it has an edge in 2 circle fights, and the Flanker is king at slow speeds. But when you fight against a Hornet, it is a complete dominance, no matter the flow, no matter the tactic that you use. And the Hornet dominates not only the Viper, it dominates ALL the airframes in DCS. Its feels very odd, because pilots say that the scariest jet to fight in BFM is the Viper (excluding the F22). I don't hear they mentioning the Hornet, opposed to what we see here in DCS. And NO, the DCS Viper currently has no rate advantage over the DCS Hornet.
  10. In which sense? the Hornet is the FBW jet with the fastest G-onset and pitch authority of the sim, and that is correct afaik. The Hornet NATOPS have lots of warnings about this regard, because it can lead to loss of consciousness if the pilot is too fast on pulling the stick due to its fast G-onset. Its not about ''buffs'' or ''nerfs''. See, when a Hornet outclasses a Viper in every aspect of BFM or when a Hornet with a heavy and draggy payload is climbing faster than the F-15 in MIL power, or when you can cruise with it at MIL power at 0.85 mach, 40kft with 6 missiles and 2 bags. This kind of thing simply breaks the immersion of the sim. If it is supposed to be the most realistic sim, then they should fix the Hornet doing UFO things that are not realistic. That is not a ''nerf'' or ''buff'', it is a fix in the flight model that is obviously not performing as it should. I'm sure they will get over it, but sometimes it can be frustrating. If youre fighting any other airframe in the F-16 it is pure joy. I think the most enjoyable fight right now is F-16 vs SU-27. If you want to have fun flying DACT in the Viper, just avoid fighting the Hornet.
  11. I spend a lot of time flying BFM with my squadron mates and in dogfighting servers out there. I fly many planes, F/A-18, F-16, Su-27, F-15C...Overall, the Viper advantage against all the fighters except the Hornet is: the climb rate, acceleration and sustained turn rate. It is weak fighter in the 1 circle due to aoa limitations. If youre considering DACT, 1v1 guns only, there is no fighter in DCS that can beat the Hornet, period. No matter the gameplan that you choose (1 circle, 2 circle), no matter what you do, if the guy flying the Hornet is a competent pilot you simply can not win. He will out rate you in 2 circle and he will out radius you in 1 circle, even if you try to out climb a Hornet, he will follow you. You can out accelerate a hornet tho (lol). Even so, the energy retention that the Hornet has is incomparable with any other plane in the sim. Example, If youre in the Hornet at ~420knots and below 50% of fuel you can just pull back on the stick, it will spike to 9gs (if youre paddling) and the plane will take decades to slow down. And that gives the Hornet an insane instantaneous turn rate for a considerable amount of time. Also, something a little off topic, but the DCS Hornet in MIL power can climb faster than the F-15C carrying the same payload (crazy to think, right?). See that the Hornet is an extremely powerful jet in the DCS envinroment. To sum it up: The Hornet have best STR ability of all the DCS jets, followed by the best energy retention, very good ITR ability (due to paddle switch) + it is superb in slow speed fights. You can't defeat the machine, you have to defeat the pilot flying it. The problem is, if the other guy is in a similar skill level to you, you will always lose. If not, you can explore some tendecies that new Hornet drives have. They usually are very greedy, so they will pull hard on the stick to get a shot, leaving the plane slow and with lots of aoa. If you make a good job keeping your energy, you can turn around the circle and get into the control zone for a while. Also, it is easy to make them overshoot, because the Hornet doesnt like slowing down and the new pilots have no clue on how to avoid overshooting. Its weird that the Viper doesnt match its rl reputation against the Hornet in the sim. One could argue that the problem is the F-16 flight model, but think, amongst all the 4th gen jets, the Hornet is the one that stands out? like, there is simply no gameplan that you will be sucessfull against a competent Hornet driver, it is a complete dominance against any airframe. By common sense, something doesn't feel right. Perhaps all the DCS FMs are off? doesnt seem like it. Edit: Typo
  12. Yesterday i had 2 AiM-120s plenty of energy (mach 2+) missing an F-16, one while he was going cold and another while he was hot. To be honest an AiM-9 has a higher PK than the 120c right now. The missile is easily trashed by the notch, actually everything is about the notch in DCS right now, making every other defense pointless. Yeah, makes for fun gameplay in competitions and multiplayer, but not realistic at all. Please ED, take a look at this, its not only the AiM-120 that is affected, SD-10 and R-77 also.
  13. Interesting read ! The way that notching active missiles works in dcs right now feels like a meme, pass through the notch for half second and the spike instantly drops... i mean, seems waaayyy off compared to what i've heard around there... I have just anecdotes, but you provided some proof ! I hope that ED sees your post!
  14. i have experienced the same problem yesterday, maybe the range loss due to the look down angle is a bit exaggerated?
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