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  1. Debates over the Polychop SA342's flight model have been done to death at this point. You cannot get past the fundamental inaccuracy of the FM. Full stop. It doesn't hit known data points and only sorta resembles a helicopter feeling. Axis tuning no doubt helps (even I use Casmo's settings to good effect), but at the end of the day you are in essence going a vague likeness of a helicopter. That doesn't make it bad, it only makes it inaccurate. The SA342 can be a lot of fun to play around with and now that there have been inroads on items such as multicrew it has greatly expanded the fun factor. Having said that, I have to vehemently disagree with the idea that civilian derivatives of military helicopters are somehow using a completely different SAS or SCAS setup. This is totally incorrect and reeks of misunderstanding basic helicopter flight systems. The comparison made is toward uniquely different aircraft: a UH-1H with a stabilizer bar versus a AH-64 is apples and oranges. The main reason you see aircraft like the Bell 204 in widespread civilian usage is simply that such aircraft are far cheaper to buy and more economical to operate than a modern EC145. You'll find that a lot of the more big, expensive civilian helis like the Bell 214 will use a SCAS out of necessity, due to the use cases of the helicopter. The 214's SCAS is fundamentally identical to the SCAS on the AH-1 series of helicopters, up to the Z model.
  2. As the altitude hold doesn't work well right now, my go-to interim fix has been to kill the collective SCAS channel before every flight. You'll get an FMC caution when doing so, but no longer be fighting the system over the collective.
  3. Is there any possibility this could be expanded? Primarily for earlier missiles like the F or potentially the C?
  4. Some illustrations: Setting up a target point via CPG TADS designation. At 4.5km, using both TADS and HMD designation via target point, we take our shots. Our hits at this range. Not perfect, but within acceptable margins of error. Now, ~6.5km using HMD designation. Note that even though we're looking right at the target point, pylon elevation hasn't changed much from 4.5km. Our rockets fall short! Out of range? Nope... By looking above the target point and elevating the nose we can get closer to the target and beyond it! The rockets are more than capable of hitting quite some distance out. However, the ballistic calculations seemingly stop at 4.5km, so any time you try to use COOP or aim directly at a target point beyond that range, they'll fall short. What should happen is a pylon elevation inhibit, which can be corrected by either elevating the nose to give sufficient space for the pylon actuators or by getting closer. The only "stop" should be at 7.5km.
  5. In the sim, if you use either coop rockets or a fixed target point, aiming at the target point only gets you decent accuracy within 4.5km. As you get further away, rockets always fall short, as it seems the ballistic calculations only go out to 4500m. If you manually aim the rockets at a fixed point by using your head to aim above the target, the rockets will connect (although dispersion will be greater of course). This is in contrary to the real thing, which is supposed to calculate out to 7.5km for the Mk66 motor and 9km for the CRV-7 motor. That is to say, if your target is within 7.5km and you either have good laser ranging for coop or a good target position, the computers should properly elevate the pylons to hit the target out to that distance without you having to elevate your head or modify your aim point.
  6. Currently, it seems the ballistic calculations only go out to ~4.5km, even though they should go out to 7.5km for Mk66 and >9km for CRV-7. My solution has been to create a target point and manually aim at that target point rather than rely on coop rockets, that way I can elevate the pylons more appropriately. It's like playing battleship at first but eventually you can make some sweet long range hits. Illumination are supposed to burst at about 3.5km downrange by default, so I would use the above manual strategy to aim above the target area and when within 4km, fire rockets.
  7. Hot starts default to the hover mode; select the transition mode and you'll get the fly-to path back.
  8. Regular US Army units have done it and long before the RAF ever did. There was at least one case in Desert Storm and multiple cases in the past 20 years during OIF and OEF. https://www.myplainview.com/news/article/Apache-pilot-recommended-for-medal-after-rescuing-8921053.php https://www.nationalguard.mil/News/Article-View/Article/573012/apache-pilots-save-critically-wounded-soldier-with-unorthodox-evacuation/
  9. That was exactly it! Moved them into the appropriate section and it is functioning properly.
  10. This problem affects every AI helicopter; the only way to absolutely wipe them off the map is with a direct heavy weapon hit like a 500lb bomb. Anything less will just catastrophically damage them. I hit a Gazelle the other day with 20mm in the cockpit and cut the tail off; it dropped to the top of a building and bounced, then the pilot got out as the engine spun down.
  11. For me, it doesn't work in the joystick section, but it does work in the keyboard section.
  12. Yes, it can be used that way. George does not properly utilize LOAL modes yet. There are situations where the pilot may be set to fire at a pre-planned point, ie defilade fire, where they will need to set acquisition sources and engage independently or in tandem with the CPG. The crew are intended to be fluid as the situation dictates. You can leverage higher trajectories and get additional range and/or angles on a target. To use George in an LOAL bobup context, you'll have to take control of the HELLFIRE yourself and set a point up as your acquisition source. You can either direct George to find a target and drop a point where he's looking via the TSD or you can pipe in coordinates via the KU. Once this is done and you have your point set as your acquisition source, get within firing parameters, fire, then wait til your missile TOF is within ~15 seconds of impact. Bob up, direct George to search, find your appropriate target, tell him to track it. If you've done it right, the missile will acquire in the terminal and hit. This is convoluted, but it's the only workaround at the moment without buddy lasing or a human CPG.
  13. What are the friendly assets available? Fixed wing platforms? Terrain? 8xAT-9 + 40xS-8KOM is my choice for such targets. On flat desert, high speed, low altitude runs with ATGM from max distance, prioritizing missile carriers first. Rough terrain gives a few more options depending on the situation and hover fires from cover might be preferable; you can loft rockets in or peek out from covered positions for ATGM launches. Much of this can vary depending on the situation, but since you have a group I'd work with them to isolate threats and provide mutual support. It'd really help to know more about the situation(s) though.
  14. Yes, the I-beam isn't CCIP; it's intended to be used as an indicator for how much elevation you have available for your pylons. So if your sight is at the top of the I-beam, you have little/no remaining positive elevation, while if at the bottom then you have little negative elevation available.
  15. All but your first three images are of Block I aircraft. Note the disco ball, old PNVS, lack of CMWS, etc. Further, the ASPI exhausts aren't easier to install/remove than the FCR. ASPI is a near-permanent modification to the aircraft, not a bolt on/off option like the Mi-24/Mi-8 exhaust diffusers. Having said that, there are examples of aircraft having all the fixings outside of ASPI: There were even AH-64A aircraft that had CMWS installed: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Army/McDonnell-Douglas-AH-64A-Apache/1545592/L There's a lot of possible configurations out there depending on unit, date, and deployment.
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