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  1. IIRC it *should* also refill compressed air for the wheel brakes and drag chute (which is bled out when the drag chute is deployed), but it doesn't seem to do that.
  2. They have both J-10A and J-10B/C 3D models. They've had them for years now but as of yet, they haven't done anything more than tease their existence. Hopefully if all goes well and the JF-17 leaves EA by the end of the year as planned, we might see what they'll be used for.
  3. It's more of a doctrine/safety limitation. The Thunder is most likely wired to be able to carry and fire those weapons on those stations, but the PAF would rather not risk damaging their frames or engines with rocket smoke and exhaust.
  4. This. ALWAYS manually loft your missiles! I have managed to hit SAMs at about 35nm-40nm by flying above 37kft ASL, ~M1.0 and pitching up 10°-15°, that way the missile has the most amount of energy as it flies.
  5. Look in the special options menu for a "Remove Refuel Probe" option, and untick it.
  6. Already reported and tweaked internally. It should be "better" in the next patch.
  7. 1. Testing feature - Toggles experimental, possibly unstable features that Deka sometimes fork into the OB. Right now there are none, so it does nothing. 2. Icing on cake - Small features that add to immersion such as pilot reaction to temperature, canopy fogging, environmental control simulation, G-suit, etc. 3. Music number - This is how many music tracks will be loaded for the DPlayer Music player inside the plane. Here is a tutorial for that if you want to use it
  8. Now the FPM in AA Radar mode goes below the bottom 1/5 of the MFD, and doesn't move beyond halfway above the RDR page.
  9. It was added like 2/3 patches ago. Similar to the F-14s PD-STT. Would be really useful if it could actually keep a stable lock past 30nm. I get that there was some lock instability added at max detection range of a specific RCS return, which I can see as plausible behavior of a radar.(I'm not a Radar engineer.) The thing that seems questionable both in the Thunder and ED's own modules is the huge gap in distance where the radar can see the target and where it can acquire a "stable" lock. Often times it's as far as 15nm between max detection and max stable lock ranges. ie. Su-27 at 40k ft is spotted at 55nm in TWS HI-PRF, track file is made by 5nm of displacement, but I can't bug it until 35nm.
  10. The biggest changes were the RDR page actually displaying target position and aspect like an actual B-Scope, TWS trackfiles now update in real time as opposed to just being hit returns with a vector, and the radar no longer drops TWS/SAM bugs randomly. However there is still a big discrepancy between detection range and lock-on/tracking range, and VS-STT is still useless.
  11. This weird inconsistency is also present on ED's modules, and it's the main reason why I stopped flying them altogether. I highly doubt real airborne radars refuse to lock onto targets until they're 60% of the way from the detected distance. The the way "unstable" lock is modeled is a complete farce too - how come as soon as I bug a target in TWS/SAM or go STT, the radar drops the lock because it can't see the target anymore, but as soon as it's in search mode, it detects them in every sweep? VS-STT is borked as well. You can spot a Flanker way beyond 60nm, but STT it is impossible until they get within 30nm. You can bug in TWS/SAM at greater distances than with VS-STT.
  12. I assume this only applies if you switch to a new waypoint while the AG radar is the SPI broadcaster, but the new logic is still retained? For instance: if I undesignate TGP, the slaved AG Radar becomes the new SPI broadcaster. But then if I switch to a new waypoint while AGR is broadcasting SPI, then the new waypoint becomes the new broadcaster?
  13. SPI logic changed recently. Whenever you designate a point with a sensor, switch to another waypoint and use S2 Depress x2 to snap to it, it'll actually snap to the "stored" SPI created by the AG Radar. To select the new waypoint as the SPI, you must switch to the RDR page and S2 Depress with it as SOI. Alternatively, you can set it to Snowplow mode or turn it off entirely to prevent it from "storing" your SPI.
  14. It's all skill issues guys - have you all thought about getting good?
  15. As described in uboat's OP, the AG radar is the 2nd priority sensor after every other one. To return to WP you must switch to the AG Radar and either command undesignate (S2 depress) or set it to SP mode. If the AG Radar is set to SLV mode, it will ground stabilize and follow the SPI set by another sensor. If you undesignate that SPI, the AG Radar becomes the new SPI broadcaster, which will be that last designated point. You can think of it as the AG Radar "storing" the SPI. To keep it from doing this, set the AG Radar to SP mode.
  16. DCS World / mods / aircraft / JF17 / cockpit / shapes / textures They're all unzipped. You can generate a "description.lua" by opening the "JF-17-CPT.edm" file in ModelViewer2 (included with dcs in the "bin" folder.) and selecting the blue, "Generate livery file" icon in the top toolbar.
  17. INTERCOM switch should be set to ON
  18. I posted a bug report a while ago about this. That number is only ever correct if you are wings level. If you bank your aircraft 90° and align the target vertically with the HUD (without actually turning towards it.), it'll read 0.
  19. I think that's a bug. A dev can chime in here with the SAU restrictions, but for some reason AUTO doesn't allow you to loft/toss your bombs. I figured DTOS would let you do that since, well, toss is in the name, but it also has the same <=0° pitch release restriction.
  20. Or at the very least, make EN2 (the actual betty voice) the default instead of EN1.
  21. I have conducted a small series of tests in an attempt to figure out why the JF-17's gunsight is not as responsive as other fighters with LCOS solutions (F-14, F-15, MiG29/Su27, etc.) and I think I may have found the culprit. As it turns out, the Thunder's LCOS gunsight is actually the SS/SSLC solution, but rendered as if it were LCOS (No "snake" trail, but it follows the SS-calculated path). In order to demonstrate what I mean, take a look at these tracks I have provided of various modules' LCOS gunsights tracking a target as it maneuvers. Notice how when the target makes a turn, the correct LCOS sights calculate the target's movement and correctly adjust themselves to provide an accurate firing solution. Meanwhile the Thunder's LCOS, SS and SSLC gunsights, as well as the M-2000's own SSLC gunsight do not react to the target's movements. This is correct for SS/SSLCs on both planes, but not for the LCOS on the JF-17. I believe this is the cause for the Thunder's delayed and sluggish gunsight and bad BFM gun accuracy, apart from the poor mounting angle on the gun itself. JFGunBugF14.trk JFGunBugF15.trk JFGunBugF16.trk JFGunBugF18.trk JFGunBugJFLCOS.trk JFGunBugJFSSLCNoTurn.trk JFGunBugJFSSLCTurn.trk JFGunBugM2KNoTurn.trk JFGunBugM2KTurn.trk JFGunBugMiG.trk
  22. Our current gun sight solutions should be far better than they are currently are. All of them still have this weird delayed reaction to ownship and target movents. Like compare how responsive the F-15's or MiG/Flanker LCOS, or even the Mirage's SS/LC are to the JF-17. I hope these eventually get updated to be actually useful in a fight.
  23. Back on topic guys, we don't need another SD-10 OP/UP/correct/incorrect thread. I'd like to see an update from DIS about any outstanding additions or changes remain for the JF-17, and maybe a clue about what their next project is.
  24. Yes, those too. Good to hear about implementing a scheme for the AKG, it really needs a proper FM and terminal attack maneuver. Also nice to see the Manual Laser being looked at. I knew there was something off about its operation - seemed odd that it's actuated with some nebulous keybind that isn't physically located on the plane. I imagine you *could* forego stuff like the WA Radar Mode since ED hasn't updated the weather system for it to be of any use, at least for now.
  25. I was wondering if you guys have a roadmap of changes and/or features you're planning for the JF-17 to consider it a "finished" product. The module's been out for about 2 years now, and I can't imagine there's much left to add in terms of "major features" like new modes, weapons or sensors. There are a couple things I have noticed could use tweaking or finishing (TGP functionality and operation, cockpit textures, MFD graphics and visuals, etc.), but I would like to know what items the team are focusing to get this module out of early access.
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