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  1. I started with the RiftS, then Reverb G1, and now the G2. The G2 is unbelievable for graphics but you will need serious HP to get there. I have a I9-9900 clocked at 5ghz, 2080Ti clocked to 2100, 64gb ram and a M2 dive and I struggle to get 45fps. I needed to turn down the terrain texture to get me stable at 50-60fps. the biggest different is the use of WMR and SteamVR. Set the PD in DCS for .8-1.0 and adjust your supersampling in steam. Under the general tab set the sampling to 50-54% to match your resolution for the headset. Under application you can set the SS for 100%. check out Bignewy’s post for his settings and also reference ThudVR4DCS online for further tuning tips.
  2. That’s definitely the issue, thx for sharing the thread.
  3. Found my issue, I had originally set up my AI flight lead to broadcast an A-A tacan signal. When he activates is on startup I lost the data link connection. I removed it from his enroute triggered tasks and everything works as it should. Not sure if its a bug or acts like it IRL.
  4. It’s definitely on as I usually toggle through to verify on status. I’ll try and upload a track file. Thx
  5. Since the last update I found that my datalink isn’t working when I perform a cold start. When I get an engine started and turn on the data link I initially get the donors on my SA page but lose them after my AI flight lead powers up, instead of donors I see tracks but never any donors. They also don’t project on my HMD, I have also changed the priority with no success. If I create a mission in flight everything works so I’m sure it’s something I’m not doing right from a cold start. Any ideas?
  6. If your waypoint is over the target you can target designate the waypoint and the pod will point to the waypoint, just make sure the waypoint altitude is set for 0 AGL. After that consider using mark points to help toggling between targets.
  7. It’s just your timing, after trapping the wire place throttles from mil power to idle. As the jet starts moving backwards raise the hook.
  8. On the ground after you get an engine started and your ddI screens on, select HSI, turn your INS to CV or GND then immediately box the Stored Hdg box on the HSI. After 90 sec it should count down to .6 OK. Select INS to IFA
  9. Vaicom does work within the game for the non scripted responses that are not driven by the mission. Wingman calls don’t exist as it’s controlled by the mission, but interaction is there via the F10 menu and saying take 1, 2, 3 etc when prompted on screen. I just finished M03 and totally love the campaign, only issue I’ve seen so far is not all the info is on the kneeboards. Mother ICLS isn’t mentioned, tower or approach freq’s are not included but you can normally fumble around and make it work. Overall it’s a giant thumbs up as I’m enjoying it more than multiplayer for the realism.
  10. I had the same issue when I made up my Random A2A training mission, I had to use separate flags for each additional spawn, I also needed an additional condition to random generate the next sequence. I'm sure there are better ways but I'm not a coder and it does work well. I attached my mission for you to review PG Night A2A.miz
  11. I’m trying to set up a moving trigger zone with class Zone_Unit to follow the carriers track, then use this zone for my F-14 Cap patrol. Does anyone have a mission setup this way, would love to see the code as I’m not having much luck and the moose test mission does not give a good representation of what I’m looking for.
  12. Which aircraft module are you using? If your behind the JBD and request launch like you did normally that resets the sequence.
  13. Works like a charm Redkite, thx for sharing the scripts and the awesome how to video on YouTube. I was able to make some sweet custom layouts.
  14. No problem seeing the ball with my riftS, looking forward to the reverb when it gets here... I also set up the ICLS which will help with your glide slope until your in close.
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