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  1. Ah, thanks for clearing that up @WinterH. I was wondering what all those forum topics, dev updates and Public Roadmap were about...
  2. Happy Friday y'all! Just cos there's no unconfirmed next HB module, there's no reason to stop speculating about the next unconfirmed HB module! I'll see myself out
  3. https://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/1/3/1/2135131.jpg?v=v40
  4. But they don't know how to manage their forum, and do require your help to know what the approved topics are...? You're right, this is an odd place for it, but here it is. Mods can move it if they feel so inclined, or it can just quietly die as we all (rightly) get swept up in the F4-hype. Or, you can get it repeatedly bumped as people stop by to lend some support to the thread as, unlike some, they reckon it's better to try to make a positive contribution rather than just shout others' down for no reason. +1 Tonka
  5. ...singing heeeeere we gooooo agaaaaiiiiin.... +1...although by now I think I'm at +4 or +5 on the various request threads... As to the potential tease: I would love it to be so, and have asked in other threads, but suspect it's nothing to get excited about. To me it doesn't look like a tease reveal, just cannon fodder for a player-driven AAA promo. Pity.
  6. I suspect not, but is there anything to read into the Tornado being (I think) the only modern non-flyable in the below, at 2'56'':
  7. *cough* Tornado IDS 80s-90s *cough* I'll see myself out...
  8. Ah, found a version which permits embedding: High-rez version here. A GR.1 of the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment, RAF Cottesmore, 1994. That one, please
  9. Good of you to say. We all are (despite the impression some try to give...), but it's rarely acknowledged. All that can be said with any certainty is that we're all HB fans, and despite the recent announcement of a new flyable we're looking at future releases like a greedy kid holding a Christmas present in one hand whilst reaching for the next box under the tree... Hopefully HB see the compliment
  10. Everyone has weird ways of spelling PANAVIA Tornado IDS More top comms @IronMike, thanks.
  11. https://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/Panavia-Tornado-GR1/2135131 Half Viggen, half F-14. What could be more Heatblur, or fit better the single bit of info we have about a new module: that it makes use of HB-developed tech. That is all
  12. F'sake, just deleted the important bit. Briefly: Thanks for the update @IronMike, and good luck to you and all at the new enlarged Heatblur. Maintaining focus and attention to detail, those hallmarks of HB modules, will be difficult; but the potential gains will be felt (and should be loudly praised) by the community. Each HB release raises the bar for immersion in a combat flight sim, and I look forward to seeing that trend continue over a long and profitable future. Nicely done on the roadmap - clear, informative and plenty of pretty pictures Well, it is the only EW suite to have successfully and comprehensively defeated US air defences. Twice from two attempts, sadly never invited back to make it a hat-trick...
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