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  1. Is there a documentation how to use the mod?
  2. Radar technology is public knowledge. Are you getting exact implementation of missile's radar and signal processing? 100% not. It is still close enough for entertaining purposes.
  3. It flies just fine with 3 tanks, just remember to drop them before engaging an opponent.
  4. I know it's early access, but can you please prioritize introducing this feature because it's critical for many people that use mouse look? All other modules (that I own) have this feature.
  5. The same was true for YF-22 and YF-23. They got N numbers probably under experimental rules which would you normally see at RV-10 and similar aircraft.
  6. I don't even understand why would a fbw aircraft need CS mode. Maybe it makes sense to have it as a reversion mode.
  7. Serbian Air Force retires Mig-21 after 58 years in service. Here is a gallery made few years ago to celebrate 50 years in sevice: http://dimitrijeostojic.com/blog/mig-21-50-godina-u-sluzbi/
  8. Good multiplayer server is the server without AI aircraft.
  9. New update doesn't work here. It says "Can't Delete WorldGeneral.dll. Access is denied." during update.
  10. Not really. It is what it is. You could just use Stennis - free carrier, and I believe Tomcat comes with its own carrier, but since you bought it have fun.
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