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Pilons knob - key problems

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keys for pilons are ";" and ".".


Working well, but sametimes blocked knob for management of pilons (when it is on GUV = gun mode position).


Please fix it.

Webmaster of http://www.yoyosims.pl


Win 10 64, i9-13900 KF, RTX  4090 24Gb OC, RAM 64Gb Corsair Vengeance LED OC@3600MHz,, 3xSSD+3xSSD M.2 NVMe, Predator XB271HU res.2560x1440 27'' G-sync, Sound Blaster Z + 5.1, TiR5, [MSFS, P3Dv5, DCS, RoF, Condor2, IL-2 CoD/BoX] VR fly only: Meta Quest Pro

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+ 1 with this problem.

HP G2 Reverb, Windows 10 VR settings: IPD is 64.5mm, High image quality, G2 reset to 60Hz refresh rate. OpenXR, Open XR tool kit disabled.

DCS: Pixel Density 1.0, Forced IPD at 55 (perceived world size), 0 X MSAA, 0 X SSAA. My real IPD is 64.5mm. Prescription VROptition lenses installed. VR Driver system: I9-9900KS 5Ghz CPU. XI Hero motherboard and RTX 3090 graphics card, 64 gigs Ram, No OC.

Vaicom user. Virpil Mongoose base CM3 & Mongoose stick CM2 (not set for dead stick), Virpil TCS with apache Grip. MFG pedals with damper upgrade. Total controls Apache MPDs set to virtual Reality height. Simshaker Jet Pro vibration seat.. Uses data from DCS not sound.

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