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  1. Trim up is the one... yes all other trims seemed that way with experimentation!
  2. Sweet! For the Petrovitch too I hope
  3. Really having a hard time quickly controlling my situational awareness and cannon range without these MFDS. Are they rolling in from the east in Mid May for sure?
  4. Yes I have had this error many times. George just stops firing. LOS is sweet. I do not get it if I set him to hold fire and I press permission to fire throughout the mission or if I just set him weapons free and let him waste hellfires on bad LOS. If I keep switching him between hold fire and permission to fire (hold up long), george just seems to stop working, especially after a reload but even with the first load of 16 Hellfires... Slurp!
  5. How do they do it in real life? I just find it easier to disengage all SCAS systems to pull into a low level hovering fire position, only using the forward trim. then re-engage (if I decide to use it) the ATT trim. The altitude trim will be GOD almighty when it arrives! My God altitude is twitchy when a missile leaves the rack.... Altitude requires constant attention! Drift to left or right is fine though. The left MFD is just weapons and CPG targeting image for me.... how will I drift with the next shot and does George have LOS!
  6. Makes sense, like the Kamov KA-50 AP disengage, all four APS OFF in one go.
  7. I am fine with sun reflections on the instruments or canopy. In VR I can stereoscopically look through canopy reflections. I guess in pancake this may be more difficult and perhaps a solution to this is required. As for the instruments having sun reflection on them.... As in real life... that is just bad luck!
  8. Do you mean the cockpit measurements and dimensions? I would also be interested in these.... if OP meant that.
  9. I think this is a thang with the Apache. I think the pilot has to do the work and SCAS is simply an aid to make things easier but not perfect. Perhaps the real Apache boys will sound off here but American Helicopters are not in the same league as European helicopters when it comes to automated flight controls. Walter J. Boyne's book "how the Helicopter changed modern Warfare" ISBN 9781589807006 is good read but you must read it to the end. Great book, pave low on the cover.... I mean really... what chopper looks better!
  10. Thanks, that is what I used as it seems to have done the job every time. For now I have stopped using ATT trim and just prefer the up trim in all flight regimes. seems more fun like that.... If only George was just as enthusiastic! Although, why have the trim down for disengage ATT and ALT hold, if a second press of ATT disengages ATT mode? Not being disrespectful !
  11. Retrim Attitude hold or standard up trim? I think the SCAS in the apache is meant for the pilot to ultimately hold the hover.... SCAS is simply an aid... I think. At the moment I just manually hold the hover and trim with the standard up trim if need be. It seems easier when watching George's targeting sight on my left MFD. Seems to be easier this way to also manoeuvre a little left or right to allow George to get LOS in between a break in the tree line. With the Gazelle and a little hard piloting the Tunguska is meat for the grinder! In the Apache the Tunguska is a serious amount of hard work!
  12. I tend to activate the aux/robin tank when I think the fore and aft tanks look a bit low. It can be 1 hour into the flight. it would probably be more interesting whether shifting weight to the rear tank is more advantageous. The huge tail stabilizer concerns me more. Big working aerodynamic surface.... It just draws my interest..... I do not like the nudge up/down function though!
  13. From the pilots station, do you know the distance is between each MFD JackFlash? There seems to be a slight angle to the MFDs so that each MFD somewhat faces the pilot more head on, do you know what that is?
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