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Cannot found RSBN channels from Sukhumi....


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In this moment I learn to use the NPP and for obtain all informations I use the RSBN channels from my kneeboard and few airports are not available.

My Mig-21 is Georgian (blue), I take off from Kutaisi (blue) and I would landing to Sukhumi-Babushara (blue) but in my kneeboard impossible to found this airport for obtain these data for use my NPP.


When I open my Kneeboard I can just found the RSBN channels these airports:








Mineralnye Vody




Tbilisi Vaziani

Tbilisi Lochini


Senaki Kolkhi




Please can you tell me why I cannot found Sukhumi-Babushara RSBN channels ?


A great thanks in advance for all, Skull.

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Because it's not in your RSBN.


I it because my MIG is Georgian and not Russia ?

Thanks in advance, Skull.

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No it's because it's simply not in the RSBN memory..

Thanks again, +1


Don't know whether this is a DCS/LN "limitation" or a choice by the devs though.

Me too I don't know, maybe in the future Sukhumi will be available because just 16 frequencies it's just light, no ?


Thanks again. Skull

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I noticed Sochi-Alder wasn't listed either. Is it the same case for that? That is the 159th home plate so would suck if I couldn't use one of the primary forms of navigation for it.


I think Sochi is listed as "Adler", but I can't check now. But you can land in poor weather using ARK only :)

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