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ndb frequency


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I started to train myself navigation MIG21, at the moment I test the ndb.

it works without problem.


But unlike the huey which can have direct change frequencies, the mig does not allow it.


For example if I want to join the tag "907" north of the card, how I should do?


thank you for your help :)

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Buy a GPS? XDD


The Mig-21 has a fixed list of NDB available that can´t be changed in flight. Only on ground technical personal could set differen NDB frequiencies.


You can edit the .lua file where the ARK frequencies are stored to your own taste.

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I have a GPS, but there is no satellite available :D


So I must do "ground crew" myself ... by editing the .lua

Gudauta have ndb, but the mig don't have preset for this


but the preset radio are editable in the editor.

Yet this is the same type of parameter, unfortunately.

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I cant seem to get the ark to work, I did the tutorial 100 times, everytime the same: I have everything set up properly, I hear the morsecode and get a response from the needle BUT the needle is always pointing to the direction im heading. Its not moving to the NDB or pointing anywhere....


Clearly Im missing something.

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first, sorry for necro-post. Shame on me!


Is there a way a mission creator could add the preset via a lua script? If I want to create a mission I certainly don't want to ask user "hey, could you please edit the XXX.lua file?", although the edit itself is darn simple.



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