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Shutdown routine


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How do you guys turn off the engine? I've read in the patch notes and the manual some time ago that one can now do it realistically. I hve mapped the throttle to my hotas, however, I can only throttle down to idle power but can't "kill" the engine so I just turn the fuel off. That's not the right way of doing it, is it?

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First let me ease your fears. You are doing nothing wrong. The system hasn't worked as intended from day one. (unless it is working as intended, in which case I have serious concerns with the individual who thinks it's supposed work that way...lol)


On the lower right of the collective control head, there is a little button, that is the 'idle stop release'. It keeps you from unintentionally moving the throttle to the off position.


In the sim the button is a push button toggle switch, push once it goes down, push again it comes up. how it is supposed to function is you map keys to 'throttle up & throttle down'. Then you move the throttle to idle, click the button in, press throttle down or roll you mouse wheel to move it into the off position.


As it currently works, you press throttle down, while repetaly clicking on the button with you mouse.


Hopefully when EDGE 2.0 comes out, they will be able to get it to work correctly.

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If you want to do it realistic, then before cutting the throttle by moving it all the way to stop past the lock, let you engine run idle for about two minutes. This will prevent oil coking.




Please note that this effect is not modelled in DCS. But some people, like me, do the unnecessary to feel more immersed :smilewink:


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How do you guys turn off the engine?


Work around solution


Okay, after your question it peaked my interest to find a solution, this is the results of what I found.


The reason this doesn’t work with just the keyboard is because the computer/DCS can only handle one key command series at a time from the keyboard. In order for this function to work, two commands must be sent at the same time. (Throttle Down & Throttle Stop)


To perform this function it is possible to use…Keyboard & one Joystick button or two joystick buttons. (note using the keyboard you will still have to send the keyboard command several times, while using two joystick buttons it will function as it is supposed to.)



1) Map ‘Throttle Down’ to one of your joy buttons;

2) Map ‘Throttle Stop’ to another joy button. (or use the keys mapped to the keyboard);

3) While holding ‘Throttle Down’ button, press and hold ‘Throttle Stop’ button until throttle shuts off.



Hope this helps


Edit: If you are thinking "I'll lose two buttons on my joystick" Remember you can always use the buttons from an old or second joystick or use one of those interface cards like Leo Bodnar BU0836X.

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I haven't had an issue at all with the idle stop.


I mapped it to shift + T. I only have to push the key combo once (and release), then I can roll down the throttle with the mouse scroll wheel.


Maybe I'm just lucky, but give it a try and see if it works!

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