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Adding a familly member to my DCS


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Hi All! My partner would like to join me on DCS. Do I have to buy a new set of aircrafts or is it possible to transfer my aircrafts onto her computer? if so, how do I manage this. Please note that both computers are in the same room and use the same cable internet.

Due to a recent upgrade I have two GTX 590 (Geforce) and a Z68X-UD7-B3 on which the 2 GTX were in SLI configuration, doing nothing. If someone is interested.

Kind Regards

161th Pratt

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EDIT: just noticed you talk about Flaming Cliffs 3?

Then this is in fact "one" module, unless you bought the F-15C, SU-27 etc. standalone...

You can't "rip" one or more planes from the package, but for any separate module the following applies.


Quick answer, no (you don't have to buy everything again), as long as you just move one or more modules to the other PC.

What you cannot do, is fly the same aircraft on both PCs, that would require a second key.

So if you have an A-10C you don't fly all the time, and want to move it to the other PC it is possible to unbind/transfer the License to another account (your spouse obviously needs a separate account).

Have a look at your store account on



After login you can go to the personal section and list your products/serialnumbers.

Now in the lower left corner on that page is a field to check serials. Copy the serial number into that and on the next page on top you can either "unbind" the key from your account, or better "transfer" to another account (your spouse's).

Anyway, I would consider the next sale for at least a few major modules, as flying formation in a flight is too cool to be neglected... ;)


The free planes (SU-25T and TF-51D) work without any key, to try it out.

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