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  1. You can try flushing the shaders. Delete the fxo and metashaders2 folders from the saved games folder. They will be recreated. Might have a longer load time the 1st time after.
  2. It's good to know the baseline to work from, but the situation (temp, elevation, loadout, damage, etc.) will always dictate some of the specifics. Definitely lock the tailwheel!
  3. Make sure you hold those radiator switches for a while. One of them takes about 20 seconds to fully open. Airspeed is required to keep it cool. Follow the chart next to your right shoulder just below the canopy rim. That is your guide to not blowing up the engine. Once you get adjusted and understand you need to check the temp constantly based on how you are flying, you will stop killing engines.
  4. Without getting into if the aircraft cooling system works correctly, it appears to me that the cockpit cover controls for the radiators are in the auto position.
  5. I'm not clear on if you're saying it won't load the 2 profile for the 1 version or if you have a 1 version, but either way... You can wipe the current, and let DCS give you a fresh file to start over with. Maybe it will load correctly. Move/Copy Windows>Users>(your_name)>Saved Games>DCS_(your_version)>Config>Input>A-10C
  6. I'm not experienced with the Blackhawk IRL, but I know there isn't a single correct answer. Weight, Altitude, Temperature, etc, and some more variables I'm sure I'm not thinking of.
  7. After a look... The last line does look like a usb device. The address will point you to it in Win10. Even with 32GB RAM that's a small pagefile. Remove the fxo and metashader2 folders from your saved games folder so they are re-created on the new driver. Welcome Back! Good Luck!
  8. I understand that was how this started and I would be happy for any asset pack of quality. The conversation for the last 4 pages has diverged into and argument about the asset pack dividing the MP community. I'm simply trying to get more than one of the asset pack detractors to admit that maps divide the MP community in exactly the same way as the WW2 asset pack, and there are more of them and more on the way. I think a filter isn't a bad idea, but I don't think that's going to satisfy the asset pack detractors from the last 4 pages of this thread.
  9. Has been addressed? Where? By saying I feel maps are different? Or Don't make the problem worse with assets? Really? Is that really all you've got? Someone, please spell it out for me. How can you be against pay for asset packs but for pay for maps?
  10. The one fact that you guys pushing for no pay asset packs keep ignoring is maps! If you really believe the asset pack divides the online community then you should be equally if not more against new pay maps. Otherwise your argument is broken and irrelevant.
  11. Why are maps different. The argument being made here about assets dividing the MP community applies equally to maps, and yet you're ok with that. Why is it different?
  12. I appreciate your honest reply about pay for maps dividing the MP community, but saying people just accept it because maps are different is totally outside the argument you've been making. It's not logical, it's just how you feel about it. In your model map purchasers will subsidize assets for everyone else, even those that never buy a map. In the current model you get what you paid for, including those that might only want the assets and not the maps. This is why I feel the current model is more fair and direct.
  13. Where do you stand on new maps as multiplayer community dividers? The logic of the argument is the same isn't it?
  14. I think ED made it clear at the time there would be no WW2 assets if they didn't charge for them. I'd rather have them then not. The pack doesn't compare to anything else in the sim. You can have a non-interactive SC place holder, but you can't do the same for the asset pack since they are essentially non-interactive by default, unless you own CA. Also, the argument that you can still join an F-18 mission even if you don't own it, is sort of a half truth. In a mission with only the F-18, like say a campaign, you absolutely need it. Look at the campaigns for sale in the store. They all have module ownership requirements.
  15. debrief.log contains events from the most recent mission. As with most things, it isn't 100% reliable, but it's better than nothing.
  16. It's difficult to know what's going wrong without a track to watch. Most problems with dumb bombs are related to AoA or altitude. It's even more difficult to blindly diagnose a smart weapon problem because of everything involved. Are you sure you had the laser on? Unless you set it to latch, you have to manually hold the button. Did you mask? Was the laser code the same? Etc... Run the training missions and see if you can sort it, or post a short track if you can't.
  17. Stable and Beta are currently the same.
  18. There are zero perfect, or bug free modules in the DCS World eco system. This goes for all third party teams, as well as Eagle Dynamics. The Leatherneck/Magnitude 3 modules are on par with the others. I have enjoyed many hours of seat time in both the MiG-21, and the CE2. To date Leatherneck/Magnitude 3 is the only third party team, other than OctopusG, to deliver a propeller driven aircraft. Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself when the time comes, but I will be buying the F4U.
  19. You should explain to Ed how to get governmental permissions, manufacturer licensing, avionics, mechanical, and test data, for those other aircraft. I'm sure they would buy you a beer.
  20. Does it only happen in the one mission, or all P-51 missions?
  21. Check for a crossed controller mapping. Something that will shut it down quickly like the magneto or fuel cutoff.
  22. You've most likely looked, but is [Mouse_btn1] mapped to "fire gun or rockets" in the controls tab for the SA342? I would think it would fire if it was even if it still won't aim.
  23. Look at the check boxes in settings. In the past you had to turn on head tracker aiming to get the gun to track the mouse. These settings may have changed since then, so you might need to try a few things.
  24. There is a known bug with ground loaded bombs having a problem. Try an air start with bombs already loaded. I just tested, and they are working. Good Luck
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