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Can someone please help me get JSGME or OvGME to work


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I have watched tons of You Tube Videos and tried and tried but cant get

mods to work.


I am mostly interested in English Mods for cockpits ( dora ) and

Starwells Black Sea



Thank You !


ctguy1955@yahoo.com is my email addy and that would be a good way

to get in touch.



I find that most of the time I end up flying alone in the Dora as the ping

rate for multi player is too much for many of the WWII flying places.



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Try to set your _MODS folder within your DCS World instalation path.


Do step by step very carrefuly what is written here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1622052&postcount=1 . It will work 100%.


As a personal touch, I am installing JGSME within game folder. This way I can have as many instances of JGSME for as many games i need to use it. Each installation will have its own shortcut. "Instalation" is actually just unziping its files.

Romanian Community for DCS World

HW Specs: AMD 7900X, 64GB RAM, RTX 4090, HOTAS Virpil, MFG, CLS-E, custom

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I think to install and use it you can still use my old tutorial



I'll try to make another one including the repositories.


I5 4670k, 32GB, GTX 1070, Thrustmaster TFRP, G940 Throttle extremely modded with Bodnar 0836X and Bu0836A,

Warthog Joystick with F-18 grip, Oculus Rift S - Almost all is made from gifts from friends, the most expensive parts at least

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Seems like turning 62 really messed up my ability to hook up stereo and many other

things now. Took me forever to get it to work so long ago but I finally did, but now

I am not even going to bother again until all 3 are in 2.5 and that should happen

very soon. AV8b is Awesome and so are the new graphics

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