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  1. Been practicing landing tail draggers for over 5 years now in DCS. I still bounce, but never die anymore, I just wreck the prop or a Arm & wheel. I was lucky to find someone kind who had Me visit His private server and while He sat in a plane behind Me, He watched My takeoff and told Me 5 percent right rudder !! I have not taken off in the Dora in a long time, but I made it into the air with no AI help stuff, and it was fun to fly. I have both the 51 and 47 ( heck, I have all the WWII planes available ) and end up using the 51 because of speed. 8 50 cal's are better then 6 when inside an iron tub. try taking a 47 down low with 2 i-6 Russian Planes. Even on ROOKIE setting the 2 of them gang up on You !!! Newest version of OB has lowered my FPS by half of what I was getting with 32235 version. Lots of DCS Crashes ( its ok, its OB and I send em my reports ) i912900K (71 percent OC and water cooled) attached to evga rtx 2080Ti Black Edition that I no longer need to OC using X1 software. ROG Strix Z690-E 5200 speed Corsair ram 64gigs what a difference with new clouds and it keeps getting better and better ! Now if only the F4U Corsair would make its presence asap... Clear Skies Mike
  2. Because of the new lighting and other new features, I was not able to update from 32235 to 33006 and I figured it was because all of the planes, ships, tanks and Maps needed all new features. I ended up installing the new version and now am spending 3 days just downloading maps and jets and planes and I could not just copy and paste older 32235 mods and have them still work.
  3. With the Corsair coming soon, I would have to go with the Zero, if I had to pick from the list. I would like to dive bomb ships with the Douglas SBD Dauntless be voted on in the "Other" list. Clear Skies Mike
  4. Thought I was going crazy...... Sure need that active pause working, Please
  5. I have not flown to the Cement Factory for a long time now. I found it awhile back, 2.7 release and its a great place to have some fun
  6. Seria has two cooling towers, I saw them on one of Juice's flights Well this is from 2021 and a LOT sure has changed sense then.
  7. Thanks, I hope to be able to get the Saved Games area to work like it used to for Me before My new PC build
  8. I have a brand New PC build and what a difference running a i9-12900K is with 5200 speed 64G of Ram and water cooled CPU and EVGA RTX 2080Ti compared to my old setup i7-4790K is ! So much to learn now as the bios now has so much more info then last 5 year old build. I am not able to update to Win 11 Pro as it says I have a security problem. My new rig was build for Win11 Pro and I need it to install. When I go into DCS, I have to redo all settings on every plane or jet each time I fly and shut down the PC. All Curves and settings are lost each new startup. I cannot get the GUI Updater to find saved game area as well now. Never had problems like this, This is My 6th PC build and I never had problems before this new PC. Thanks for any help and sorry if I posted this here instead of a new message as the people here know what they are doing and I am lost. The new Bronco is what I have tried so hard to place into saved games to get it to work and it just does not for Me. Clear Skies Mike
  9. Well isn't it strange that I have a 100% rating in buying and selling on Ebay. You must only besmirch others away from Ebay on their favorite Flight Sim.
  10. I appreciate the advice, to Rudel_chw, This only happens when DCS has a major 2.7 update. I have tried to export the settings, but it did not seem to work for Me. I must be doing something wrong. I found this on the forums: "I did solve a great deal of that by rebuilding DCS’ shaders. Deleting the ‘fxo’ and ‘metashaders2’ folders is a common performance increasing method when jumping between updates and that did solve a number of issues with performance but it didn’t fully alleviate them." I was able to find the FXO file and deleted it and it seemed to help, I could not find metashaders but I messed with them in the past and learned not to. Thanks so much for all Your help Clear Skies Mike
  11. My PC has a messed up motherboard and strange things happen. When I update DCS, I have to completely re set up everything in DCS. All My planes and jets have to have pedal/stick/throttle commands redone. all curves on Axis tune panel and so many other things are lost. The hours I spend flying and gaining experience, and the rewards of medals are gone. Can someone please tell Me what I can save that will prevent this from happening all the time now ? Thank You and Clear Skies Mike nullnullnull
  12. I guessed it right !!! As soon as the Open Beta updated, the South Atlantic Map was available for Download.
  13. I have 14 minutes left to download the newest update, and then I hope when I go into Module manager I can download the South Atlantic Map. " it may take a few minutes " Must be so busy with everyone buying this wonderful map !!! Now all I need is the F4U Corsair and I will be in Heaven !! Clear Skies Mike
  14. Using the GUI Updater, I cant get saved games to work, and I have been using it for many years without many problems but never this type. I have to reset my P51 or P47 everytime I want to start up dcs. Takes a long time to set up the brakes and flaps and trigger and release weapons buttons every time I play. Until I did a "Repair" My P51 would only fly as a A10 II.
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