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  1. I guessed it right !!! As soon as the Open Beta updated, the South Atlantic Map was available for Download.
  2. I have 14 minutes left to download the newest update, and then I hope when I go into Module manager I can download the South Atlantic Map. " it may take a few minutes " Must be so busy with everyone buying this wonderful map !!! Now all I need is the F4U Corsair and I will be in Heaven !! Clear Skies Mike
  3. Using the GUI Updater, I cant get saved games to work, and I have been using it for many years without many problems but never this type. I have to reset my P51 or P47 everytime I want to start up dcs. Takes a long time to set up the brakes and flaps and trigger and release weapons buttons every time I play. Until I did a "Repair" My P51 would only fly as a A10 II.
  4. I cannot even get my DCS Saved Games area to work in Updater GUI utility, and Ive been using it for a while and never had a problem like this. I have copied so many LUA files and messed with things that I finally did a clean up and the Mustang now flys when I try to use it in a mission, instead the A-10 II always loaded. Every time I want to fly, I have to reset whatever plane I am flying. It remembers some settings sometimes, but its very frustrating.
  5. I enjoyed reading the newest update and look forward to checking out automatic F18 carrier landings. Just to watch for awhile and learn. The Fountain having water would look really immersive and be FUN as well. I personally am waiting for the North Atlantic Map and the F4U Corsair. They have both been on My wish list for a long time. Clear Skies Mike
  6. I sure wish I could get it to work as things with taking off and hovering with the joystick I am using is not much fun. DCS saves some things and not others and profiles wont load. I found spudknockers and another xml file and I do not know where to put them. I do a search for *.XML and only one file comes up on the open beta DCSW SSD.
  7. I just watched Mat Wagners tutorial and at 20;37 He talks about the action Switches I thank You so much
  8. Thank You for getting back to Me so fast, I appreciate it !!!!
  9. There is a vid on Youtube where the guy says to use Full Screen in options, and hit Alt plus Enter and You will jump from 30FPS to a higher amount. Hope this helps with VR
  10. Left alt J works fine for Me. Took me 18 hours to DL the Last Update and then another hour and a half to DL the Apache.
  11. Sorry I cant help, I am struggling with Control Options. The APACHE gun has Weapons Action Switch g/Up M/right and other commands and I set them up but none work to get past Mat Wagner's tutorial and the UP thing You need to do is not listed as the G/Up certainly is not the one. I bet future updates in the tutorial will show the button to press. Try looking up Was UP No Go... I hope We both get things working soon. Clear Skies Mike
  12. If You go to Marks Marketplace and ABOUT, You can read how You order things and they arrive DOA after the 30 day warranty is up. https://www.newegg.com/Seller-Store/Mark-s-Marketplace/about https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm?tab=echo
  13. This guy does a great job of explaining everything. Blue smoke is NOT what You were suppose to look for according to the video
  14. Windows 10 21H2 is what I have been using and now I know why DCS crashes all the time and my Bios is all messed up. I am certain that the reason DCS crashes every time I turn on my EVGA Precision OC clockware software, it crashes dcs. I need to go back to a standard version. I have read some interesting things here about buying a 30 dollar part that will allow win 11 to function at 1.2 version Amazon.com: ASUS - MOTHERBOARDS TPM SPI Module System Components MOTHERBOARDS : Electronics this went up in price a few dollars in the last few days. My MB is 6 years old but I need to upgrade soon. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************* I installed 1909, which is the stock win 10 pro OS, and DCS and the entire PC runs 200% better then Win 11... YEA Precision X OC works now again with no problems and DCS is now remembering curve settings once again.
  15. This is the new input for getting the throttle to work in the Mossy. I now need to find out where the release bomb button is....
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