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Landing Gear question?


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I have some thoughts about landing speed and weight, my question is... how deep is this modeld in DCS?

The suspention and rebound is adjusted for a certain speed at touchdown with low fuel condition, overspeed let the bird bounce.

But how is the gear effected with a heavy loaded aircraft, shold the speed increased to reduce the force at the suspention to avoid a brocken landing gear? How they handel this in Real Live?

Im not 100% sure, but it feels like the rebound is not so much effected by weight and bounce.

Or my understanding of physics, avionics or mechanics are wrong?

May be someone knows and can explain how the landing gear is modeld in DCS???

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:smilewink: Landing can be hard. It's what you have on board. The most planes are really authentic to the real planes. It's what load (fuel and/or weapons) you have on board and never forget the influences of wheather (wind) in the sim. This all effects your landing. I forgot the AOA (angle of attack) That's what i know. Maybe someone else can be more specific then i did.

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More weight requires higher speed or higher AoA to keep the plane flying, as AoA meets it's end at stall conditions it means good AoA and speed.

Faster landing speed requires more/longer runway and smooth touchdown if possible.



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