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Temp Fix for RAF Standard Roundel


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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I apologise for the loss of the images linked. Without warning Photobucket are now asking for $399.00 USD to restore the picture links. Please bear with me while I make other arrangements to host the pictures.




The current spitfire textures are outstanding. Attention to detail is absolutely amazing. So how could they stuff up the upper wing roundel??? It literally only took 2mins to clone in the needed pixels. IMHO I reckon they are just chucking a rock.




No matter. Here is a temporary fix until the template comes out. (Just a few skins lined up.) Note that the scratches have been brightened slightly by the NVidia DDS export utility from Photoshop so they are a little more apparent.


Standard Texture Fix




D-Day Standard Texture Fix








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Photobuckets sudden change in TOS
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Thanks for the fix. The reason the upper wing roundels and lower wing roundels aren't accurate is because ED based it on Spitfire MH434(By the way, MH434 is part of The Fighter Collection at Duxford which is one of EDs partners). If you type it up in Google, you will see.


MH434 is owned by The Old Flying Machine Company, not The Fighter Collection

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Excellent BrassEm thank you very much for this fix,top work buddy :thumbup:

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If You started tweaking them, why not fixing the fuselage ones as well (default lower wing ones are botched too, though I didn't check if your fix changes them?).

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