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Complete introduction to CCRP and CCIP bombing


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Since my last tutorial series on how to land the Mirage was very well received and I once again had trouble finding a complete guide on youtube I decided to make a series of bombing tutorials for the Mirage.


I am by no means an expert but as clearly seen in the videos my procedures do work. :joystick: I've focused on making the tutorials as simple as possible for beginners.


Introduction to CCRP bombing:



A quick guide on how to use CCRP for carpet bombing:



Introduction to CCIP bombing:




I hope some of you finds it useful! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you! :D

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great videos, all your drops where good, weapon terminal effects and the damage modeling on vehicles is kind of silly in dcs hence why a soft skinned truck didnt get folded in half by a mk82 that hit 10-20 meters away....

Intel 8700k @5ghz, 32gb ram, 1080ti, Rift S

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