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Mission 1 problems


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Bought the campaign today.:)


In the first mission, i am ordered to fly a heading 137 or so, to fly to a bridge.

this heading is way off, and should be 10 or 15 degrees to the right to reach the bridge.


I also get no orange smoke visual when it should.


Also, the MI8 in trail, is gone when i fly in the area off the bridge.


So it is a dead end already, in the first mission...:cry:


Somebody having the same problems ??


Thanks allready

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Did you work with the correct Setup for the Radio, they will not answer when your Frequency is not set correct or something is incorrect. Check Pilot Overhead Panel is in Radio not ICS, right from this Console selector switch for AM/FM is correct AM mode and the Frequency with dials is set in the middle low console. Work most time with Pre-set channels much less workload. The Heading to the Landing Point in the small town left of the big one is correct so far I remember, this call with the Bridge is little bit misleading.

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Thanks for thinking with me on this.


Radio is set oke, i realize this is a trigger key.

Misleading instructions...yes..!!


But ill stay on the left side of the river next time then.

See what happens.


Not a good thing for a campaign..to get stuck on faults in the scenario.

But will give it one more chance.


Thanks again.

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I flew the whole mission seemingly without issues: picked up troops at Kartsa, met with Mi-24s, followed them to Podkova and landed but then nothing happened. What is supposed to happen at Podkova? I exited the mission but the result was 50, so no progress in the campaign.



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I'm just wondering if mission 1 is broken in 1.5.7?


After landing at the LZ in Kartsa, nothing is happening. I really waited a long time (and accelerated time).


As you can see in the screenshot, I landed on the right spot (tried both LZ tough - just in case).



I also set radio to chanel 19 and to frequency 124, to make sure the base could contact me. Not sure if it's needed.



Either way, I'm stuck in this mission.


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Ok, there's definitively something not working at all. I checked out a video on mission 1 to see what I'm doing wrong. While watching this I noticed that there is quite some speech from the co-pilot or pilot-navigator (already at the very start)



When I start the mission, there is NO speech at all - also not during flight.



Could please somebody with 1.5.7 try it out if this is a general problem?



Edit: I just noticed that it's working with my 1.5.6 installation. So maybe something is simply wrong with my 1.5.7 installation.

Edit2: After re-installing the DLC again on 1.5.7, it's now working correct!

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