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Radar fix inaccuracy with bk90's?


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Hi. Copying this from a comment I've made in youtube. Be advised that I've been trying those with air starts:


I have a question for you. even though I set my fixes correctly (2 visual overflight fixes before target radar fix), the bk90's hit ahead of target. anything i might be overlooking? Also, does one have to input the target elevation above sea level to the CK or the radar takes care of it?


Also another addition is: The bk90's are accurate when I do an airstart and use the waypoint without radarfixing it. If I try to do a radar fix on the target, they fall ahead of targets. So another question that stems is: Do I reference the circle's center when I TV Fix on a target? or do I reference the center of the crosshair?


TLDR so far;

-placed waypoints are accurate but manual radar fix on targets aren't.

-how does one input target elevation above sea level?


I'd greatly appreciate if you could answer my questions and I thank you for your time.

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The circle on the CI is the current position of the (target) waypoint. Slew the crosshair to where you want it, fix, and the circle will move to this new location.

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even though I move the crosshair dead-on top of the target, the circle moves to a position where it's a bit off target.


Keep in mind, that the radar screen has a refresh rate that is indicated by the "radar sweeper" (can't hink of a better name atm). The picture gets updated on each sweep and stays like that untill the next sweep. So if you wait to long and set your crosshar on the target as indicated on the radar screen, then it is actually already behind that position, because it moved closer to you, but the screen hasn't updated.

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