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Help with "Prepare Mission"


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I asked a related question over at the Gazelle sub-forum (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=182080), but now I am thinking that the issue may be more general and it might be that I am getting the procedure wrong?


In a mission, with a Gazelle unit as client, I:


(1) click on "Prepare Mission"

(2) start up all the avionics

(3) quit

(4) back in mission editor, I hit "Save"


None of my avionics settings are retained when I start the mission.


Am I missing anything?

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I remember when I started prepare mission would wreck missions with a high degree of probability... did this ever get fixed?


Nope, the two issues you have with Prepare mission, I can remember and are still there.


  • Mentioned in manual, with the A-10c particularly is if you change the weapons loadout in mission you have issues with DSMS and inventory being out of wack.
  • If you assign a default and predetermined radio frequencies to UHF, VHF, FM radios the VHF radio doesn't work, even though it is on the correct frequency, unless you cycle off the frequency you need and back to it, then it works, I think it works fine with the preselected dial fine though.
  • Might be other issues I am not aware off, as I haven't used it much.

Regards, Ian.

Asus p877v-pro, Intel I7 3770k 4.2ghz, 32gb Ripjaw X ram, Nvidia RTX-2070 Super, Samsung 32" TV, Saitek x52 pro Joystick and Combat rudder pedals, TrackIR 5, Win8.1 x64 with SSD and SSHD protected by (Avast AV).


DCS Tech Support.

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