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Rudder effectiveness in flight


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I'm finding that I need to keep the saturation high for the rudder so that I have enough control authority on the ground, this has been discussed at length in other posts regarding the ground handling so I won't talk about this.

What I find strange (and I only have about 20 hours in a glider) is the sensitivity of the rudder during flight.

I'm using my new thrustmaster rudder pedals and previously used my club sport v2 race pedals but have the same issue. I can very gently use them to maintain coordinated flight but it's a real struggle as I have to be extra careful I don't use too much input.

I feel that anything past this point, and I'm talking a cm more, and the aircraft yaws so violently then see saws back and forth a few times.

I think it's way too sensitive for normal flight. I've tried all sorts of settings for the axis sensitivity and curves etc but I don't have enough authority on the ground if I tune it to be flyable.

How are others finding this? Any pointers to help me out or is the sim just too sensitive in the yaw plane?

Although the spitfire is particularly sensitive other aircraft are also difficult to fly unless you tune the axis for flight, which doesn't matter so much as not so much rudder movement is required on the ground.



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Remember this is still only beta software. The other warbirds were pretty ropey one way or another in the early days. According to WWII pilots the spit should be very light in pitch and relatively heavy in the other two control axes. I agree with you that at the moment the rudder is much too sensitive. This was an issue with the P-51 too I remember.


I don't think that the controls are well harmonised at the moment but it is a work in progress so patience is required.

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Thanks, I don't mind being patient because it's a beta so I'm ok with that I just wondered if it would be adjusted at some point. What typical values are people using for the axis settings?

I found that for flight a sensitivity of around 20% or less is manageable.

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rudder forces are not implemented yet, and its guaranteed that they will do that eventually...it just got released, so we might need to have a little more patience...


so once the rudder forces are implemented, it should fly more harmonized i suppose...what i do hope though, is that before they actually implement the forces, that they once more have a look at all the other warbirds, and give us a little stronger legs...on the others we are already limited by the forces during our takeoff runs, which imo is slightly overmodeled...so i hope that they implement a new standard with the spit.

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We're talking about implementation of aero force / hinge moment buildup on control surfaces, so that Your virtual alter-ego sitting in a cockpit is unable to move virtual stick and pedals within full range as the plane flies faster. The older 3 DCS warbirds have them implemented, Spit doesn't - yet. So for now, whether You're doing 50 mph or 500 mph, rudder response is the same.


I'm not happy about it either, but I remember that was the case with other birds after their release and it was fixed later. For the time being, I use 25% curvature + lots of trimming for rudder to make the plane less snappy.

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