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Sidewinders hard to lock


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Yea the missile seekers are very much underperforming the RB 74 especially.


the RB 74 is based on the Aim-9L so the seeker should be more or less as capable as the Aim-9M (With the Main Improvements in the Aim-9M being a Rocket motor that generates less smoke and the seeker being slightly more resistant to flares etc).


But when it comes to lock on range / angles the Aim-9L should preform more or less as the Aim-9M does.


So the Performance we are getting from the RB 74 now is obviously a bug since its nowhere near how it should be preforming.


the RB 24J is based on the Aim-9J/P series of missiles and is rear aspect so its seeker is worse then the RB 74 etc though its still underperforming

especially when it comes to lock up range then behind a target.

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I think it may have to do with the growling tone itself rather than the seeker's performance. I was doing merge dogfights with a friend (I was armed with 3x Rb-24J and a singular countermeasures pod) who was in the Mig-21 and I was diving down onto him from a loop and he was just reaching the bottom of a split S with full afterburner and I could quite easily make-out the burner plume along with the fact that his tail was closer to me than his nose (He was still--to an extent--rear-aspect to me). I was ver surprised to not get any lock tone and thought "**** it" as I launched a missile anyway and the missile instantly tracked him coming off the rail despite the growling tone still representing a no-lock. Also happens with the Rb-74...seems to be lock-on after launch thing with the sidewinders, or some kind of bug with the seeker growling tone.


Also on a multi-player server (SVK battle server Mig-21Bis V.S. F5E and AJS-37) I was getting revenge on two fishbeds that were scrambling back to base for shooting-down my wingman after successfully taking out an SA-3's TR radar vehicle. Anyway the Migs finally realized I was there, and I was only down to my nearly empty KB pod and 2x Rb-24J. They both sharply pulled up in burner (not towards the sun so its a no-factor), and I ended-up getting tone at such a close range that the gun-pods probably would have been a better choice. They still both died though. = P


Please note that yes, in both cases the missile seeker was un-caged and when I launched. The "IR-circle" was kinda...shifting around both vertically and horizontal, but definitely not tracking his exhaust...also both cases occurred on the same day (The first one being on a server I temporarily put up)

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