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3 minutes for startup...


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hi, in the first tutorial lesson it says that I should turn on electrical power and then wait 3 minutes before I should move the plane (SU-27).

is this true?

need I wait 3 minutes?

any info about starting up greatly appreciated.

many thanks.

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You generally need to allow the inertial navigation gyros to spin up and align before moving an aircraft after applying power. (INU's can't align correctly if they are moved)


3 mins is actually quite short (DCS 'fast-align?') - F/A-18 takes upwards of 15 mins I believe...

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In the study modules like A-10C you have to wait.


In FC3 modules I've never bothered and never had any problems. You should probably consider the three minutes optional unless they've updated it since I last flew the SU-27.


This. The 3 minute figure is a nod to reality, nothing more. Your navigation system will be completely accurate if you move off immediately after starting engines.

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In the Su-25 and Su-25T you have to wait 3 min or you will lose proper heading/attitude indications pretty quickly. Never been a problem in the Flanker for me.


I ran into this problem today and wondered what happened to my Su-25T.


After hit by a Stinger and lost an engine I struggled back to a friendly air base and got my plane repaired. After the repair I switched on the power and started both engines without the 3 minutes wait, then immediately after take off I found that my artificial horizon on the HUD is not correct.


I turned on the auto-leveling autopilot mode and the plane started to wobble.


I cried.

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