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Changin color of the skybox


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Hello everybody!

This night it snowed in Berlin. This inspired me to take a snow-ride with lockon (i often enjoy flying with FS9 under real weather conditions):) .

So i set the clouds parameter up to 7 with snow, visibility to 30 km and added also a little fog to simulate the low visibility range caused from the snow.

And see what i get:




(OK- to be honest, after three years of flying with lockon, i don't expected a different outlook.)


A little disappointed i searched over an hour for a file where i could change the color of the sky from bright blue to white/light grey.

I found several "dat"-files like deepsky.dat in Lock On\Bazar\World\SkyObjects, but but I'm not able to change/or even see their information with the editor.

I know that "controlling the weather" is modeled really poor in LockOn. And I usually don't mind it, but I think If we only could change the color of the skybox from bright-blue to light-grey, it would be a great enhancement for the "optical" weather simulation without using overcast.

I really don't like to use rain/snow without full overcast, because it always looks like "bad weather" in the Bermuda-triangle:) .


The below picture is photoshoped and shows what i hope to receive after changing the skybox color.





Maybe someone of you knows/find a solution. The best of all of course would be if someone from ED would add a slider (from grey over white to blue) in the weather menu of BlackShark :thumbup:.

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Just put the density of the clouds up to 10. then it will be overcast.

DCS Wishlist: 1) FIX THE DAMN RIVERS!!! 2) Spherical or cylindrical panorama view projection. 3) Enhanced input options (action upon button release, etc). 4) Aircraft flight parameter dump upon exit (stick posn, attitude, rates, accel, control volume, control-surface positions, SAS bias, etc). 5) ADS-33 maneuver courses as static objects. 6) Exposed API or exports of trim position and stick force for custom controllers. 7) Select auto multiple audio devices

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just putting the overcast is not enough, not every snow day has a full overcast. This is an interesting idea, i hope someone can tell you where the files are located. Or PM chizh about it.


That's the point, I want to keep the big puffy clouds but only with a white background (just the same way you often see it in winter days).

I had my trials with several files in Lockon/bazar/effects yet. I tried it with the

Lightning\Lightning.cfg, but it seems that the values only changing the color reflection on the ground without touching the sky. Here some pics I have made after changing some values of the sky/sky_basic.dat and sky/sky_new.dat.










(looks to me like flying in a old StarTrek episode of the 60's: "Kirk at Scotty, the sun starts to collapse! Beam me up! :) )


My second thought to get there is to move/add the existing layer of Fog higher than the base of the clouds.

But it's really hard to change the values if you don't even have a guess what you are really doing when changing parameters like this:


mul r6.z,r0.w,r0.w

mad r6.z,r6.z,c16.w,r2.x ;r6.z=Ey*cos_gamma*cos_gamma+1

add r6.y,r6.y,r6.z

mul r6.x,r6.x,r6.y

mul r6.x,r6.x,c17.z ;r6.x=CIE_y


rcp r1.w,r6.x

mul r1.x,r1.w,r5.x

mul r1.x,r1.x,r1.y


add r1.z,c9.z,-r5.x

add r1.z,r1.z,-r6.x

mul r1.z,r1.z,r1.w

mul r1.z,r1.z,r1.y


dp3 r0.x,r1,c10

dp3 r0.y,r1,c11

dp3 r0.z,r1,c12

min r0,r0,c9.z

mov r0.w,c9.x



mov oD0,r0


:cry: Chizh please help! Even if you only tell me that I'm wasting my time would help. Than I could get back to work on an medicine against cancer and save the world , without thoughts in my brain like: "!oh - r0.x,r1 just makes this, than maybe...ehm .. r0.w,c9.x makes that? erhmm... have to try!":P

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I have FS9 too and I spend a lot of time trying to reproduce the weather patterns I see as well.. here's my efforts to reproduce the the photoshoped image you posted. I can get quite close, not perfect, but you must stay below 1000m otherwise the sky will start looking a little too blue if you look up.











Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction.


CDDS Tutorial Version 3. | Main Screen Mods.

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Hello everybody!

This night it snowed in Berlin. This inspired me to take a snow-ride with lockon (i often enjoy flying with FS9 under real weather conditions):) .

So i set the clouds parameter up to 7 with snow, visibility to 30 km and added also a little fog to simulate the low visibility range caused from the snow.



After several days of investigation and test, I think to have some positive matches.

(check screens below; format: original/modified-time-cloudcover-generalvisibility)


That's not really a fix, just a little ARTIFICE in the sky luminance.


The files are located at:

\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Bazar\Effects\SKY





Open one file for time (using a text editor) and locate this section:

... omissis ...

;add r1.z,r1.z,c9.z ;r1.z=lumE*cos_gamma*cos_gamma+1

add r1.y,r1.y,r1.z

mul r1.x,r1.x,r1.y

mul r1.y,r1.x,c17.x ;r1.y=luminance


... omissis ...

make these changes:

... omissis ...

;add r1.z,r1.z,c9.z ;r1.z=lumE*cos_gamma*cos_gamma+1

add r1.y,r1.x,r1.z

mul r1.x,r1.x,r1.y

mul r1.x,r1.x,c17.x ;r1.y=luminance


... omissis ...

and save it.


Or You can replace the original ones with the files enclosed in



I've other screens but upload is very slow. Maybe another day...

Now some days to FLY, for me.



- use at your own risk;

- always make backup copies of original files,

- in mission editor, weather section, You can set:

cloud cover (better if slider at 8 ),

general visibility (better if 40-45),

and fog;

- use ONLY during daylight (or You'll see strange colours);

- BE ADVISE: ACMs are very hard due to low background contrast.

- THAT'S JUST AN ARTIFICE. I believe talented peoples can really improve sky and weather,

- Sincerely, I hope ED officially improve sky and weather. At present, FC sky and weather are really simplistic.

- I'm unable to think about BS with a such sky and weather ...


Antonio Gatti, march 2007


screens and file removed because open new thread: "sky artifice for snow and rain days"

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very nice


btw, this may be an obvious question, but if you install this mod, basically all the sky would look like this despite the different season right? People should install this mod mainly if they fly winter right?


:) Moved the answer to the thread of Mitch789, because it is his find and I only asked for a solution and made a ModMan file of it. So please all reply to following

link, that the information for others could be archived in one thread.:)


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