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Am I doing it wrong?


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I have been practicing crosswind landings. I have been playing DCS for about a week and 1/2 now. I can touch down in about 3-7 m/s crosswinds 'most of the time'. I assume I am getting lucky and am still doing this wrong. I have posted 2 videos to youtube. Any comments or tips would be awesome.





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Looks good to me. Crack open the manual. There is a brief section on crosswind landings.

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Looks pretty good, here is the Airplane flying handbook section on landing:



I has some good stuff on crosswind.




It has some good stuff on crosswind.

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Overall very nice already. Things would be easier if you would apply the correct wind correction angle and if you would fly a constant airspeed on final.


1. In your videos you are aiming directly at the runway, but since you know that you have a crosswind from the left you should adjust the heading so that the nose points to the left.

That way you don't get blown away from the runway centerline and you don't have to start turning at the last second.


2. Alternatively you can aim at the runway, but in this case you have to apply a constant slight bank angle to the left and right rudder to maintain the runway track.


In both cases it's easier with a constant airspeed because if the speed constantly decreases on approach, you have to constantly apply more crosswind correction which complicates the task.






I have been having a horrible time trying to figure out how much aileron to use to offset the wind blowing me off course. That's why I started just aiming at the runway, and when I get about 50 feet I guess from it I then make the corrections. About that distance its simple for me to see how much I need at that point. I just need more practice.

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