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  1. bump!
  2. Same. I'd buy an upgrade to the 51.as much as $30. I'd also buy an entirely new Mustang B-15 for a regular module price too. The prettiest Mustang
  3. Bump! I have been looking at Brunner's FFB base lately, and the only thing that keeps me at bay (price aside) is the lack of support from ED. This pains me a bit since DCS is my only simulator, and I'm not at all interested to revert to a dusty joystick that hasn't been manufactured in many many years.
  4. 1) The new engine cooling model was supposedly applied to the Mosquito. Might be linked to why ED hasn't fixed the smoking port engine bug on the Mossie yet, since release? For the other birds though, there hasn't been any word as far as I'm aware, and for quite some time now. 3) A lot of this is answered in the later posts of the Meredith thread. Tl;dr, while the Meredith effect is applied to the 51, it is in a way too perfect. While closing the coolant shutter increases the pressure exiting the duct and giving a slight bump in speed, in DCS the system forgets that along with a closed shutter, higher aftercoolant temperatures mean hotter air charge, and a decrease in brake horsepower. In reality, the best effect is achieved when the coolant shutter is about 1/3 open. Close it more than that, and the BHP slows the Mustang back down. In DCS, without that BHP loss, our 51 just continues to increase its speed, up to at least 85% more than data of the real Mustang shows. As cool as it is to take advantage of the system and bank on this DCS Mustang "life hack", it doesn't follow data we have available, within the public's easy reach. 5) The belts for the .50s were supposed to have changed some time ago, to a more realistic loadout for 44/45. We currently have a 1943 edition of belts, which includes a lot more AP, and a lot less API and I. By 44 and especially 45, belts were much more highly equipped with API/I rounds...some nearly exclusively, minus the tracers. However, according to Nineline from Jan 29, we're waiting on two brand new round types to DCS, M1 pure incendiary and M1 pure tracer. We currently only have the M2 ball, M2 armor piercing, M8 API, and M20 API-T. 10) If you look at the Meredith thread, you'll also notice that we cannot reach the same highs and lows for our oil temperature as we should. In as close conditions as can be represented, while our real example can control its oil temperature (via shutter) in a range from 48-90C, we can only control our oil temperature in a range of 51-76C. 11) I made those textures
  5. Interesting For the mod to work, or the way I intended it to work anyways, is for it to literally replace ("Replace folder in destination?" --> YES) the default skin folders with the updated ones. The Integrity Check shouldn't check the skins folder. I had thought I added installation instructions in the mod, but if I didn't, my mistake. Download the mod, and open it up into the liveries folder where it displays all the skin folders. Select them all, and drop them into the similar folder in your DCS install. When prompted to replace the folders in their destination, click YES. You don't have to install this mod through the folders in SavedGames. I don't even know how to do that anyways Alternatively, and this is how I do it, you can use the OvGME Modloader to install the skins. Hope this helped some! There is, but unfortunately it would require a whole other area of liveries. Cockpit and external aircraft liveries are kept separate, and they're applied differently. While you can equip normal liveries in the ME, or in the rearming window, cockpit liveries can only be changed and applied through the Special Options tab, under Options, from the Main Menu. I believe there is already a mod out there that uses a similar pilot suit scheme from within the cockpit, so maybe that's somewhere out there. But for now, I plan to try to keep myself limited to just the external appearance of the aircraft.
  6. Hello! Admittedly, development on this project has halted for the time being, but I don't plan to drop it on the long run. Since early January, I've been at Basic Combat Training for the U.S. Army, and a couple weeks ago just enrolled in my classes in AIT, a 17-week course to become a 15R. Hooah! I won't get access to my PC, or DCS at all for that matter, until about August-September, and even then I don't know right now how much personal time I may or may not have to work on this project once I'm at my first duty station. But, I do not plan to drop this project entirely. Texturing has become a close hobby of mine over the past 3-4 years, and I don't believe I'd even be able to resist this if I wanted to. The phases and plans for adjusted weathering, increased texture resolution, and (the big one) improved normal mapping is still on my mind, it's just unfortunately on hold for the past few, and the next few months. As for Big Beautiful Doll....that was one of the next skins I planned to try to bring up to speed, before I left! So when I get back, it will probably be the first one up. In the meantime, I do hope you all enjoy the partial progress I have up to this point. It's not the best improvement, I know, but I'm glad I at least got something out there before I had to drop the project (a problem I've had in the past) temporarily.
  7. Bug fixes and updates. 1) Canopy head limits tweaked/added 2) Spontaneous engine failure once WEP wire broken 3) No BHP-loss with hot aftercoolant 4) Cockpit control bugged (not working on some controllers) 5) Incorrect .50 belts 6) Landing light cone visible from specific external distances away (LOD issue) 7) Cockpit sunlight leak to the cockpit floor 8 ) Oil temperature occasionally rising 5C/s after startup until engine dies (rare) 9) Cooler door switches sticking in the forward or aft position if operated by mouse 10) Limited oil temperature range control (we cannot make the oil temperature as cold, or as hot, as is realistic to the Mustang) 11) Update the external model and textures
  8. My hope with the updates to the newest of ED's warbirds is implying that they will improve the performance hit those aircraft have. That's my hope. Still, maybe it's a sign that they might update the Mustang (and especially the Dora, not just outside but also inside on that one...51's cockpit is fine, it was updated in December of '19) after this, within the next 10 years. If this turns out to be more than just a performance improvement though, I'll be pretty ticked, I won't lie. The 47, Anton and Mossie don't need any art fidelity updates...performance hit is the only field I can imagine they'd tackle.
  9. This, it's an option. Gotta admit though some of the twisted arguments from these pushing against adding limits are hilarious though, good for a laugh for sure. Besides them saying no is if anything more just the same enforcement but in reverse. I don't want a jank VR experience, I want one that was obviously refined, for a better and more experience in the cockpit. I don't want the current jank experience to be enforced on me like everyone arguing against these limits is doing. Oh, the hypocrisy
  10. Bump. The 109 and Spitfire are hit especially hard by this
  11. I honestly couldn't care less what happens to TrackIR. There are some inconsistencies with where head limits are for it in some birds, but that's a bug issue that's just one of those hopefully in the pipeline to be addressed so it's consistent across the aircraft. VR though, I wouldn't be a fan of enforcing the limits to all. It's not even that way in the other game. But I'd rather individuals can be allowed the personal choice of having them on or not (or server enforced, that depends on where you draw the line but that's another thing). I would absolutely run with them on. If I'm in a tight cockpit, I want to be immersed and feel the restraint of movement it has. 190s were especially notorious for this, and the 109 close behind. It would also be really awesome actually with the Spitfire if the malcolm hood shape was included in the restrictions. That would actually give the canopy some value that was intended in reality, allowing a razorbacked aircraft better 6 o'clock visibility
  12. This is so outrageous I actually laughed reading this. Firstly, it's not a small percentage. At least half of random VR clips I see uploaded on Discord or Youtube have at least one point where the viewer ghosts through the canopy, either accidentally or deliiberately. It's not small by any means. It's actually rather difficult to avoid clipping through the canopy glass, especially in a knife fight when you need to switch to looking at your six over your left, right, left again shoulders. Second, the issue is equal or even more significant as an immersion-breaking factor. The point of VR, and the only reason anyone would get into VR, is to feel immersed within the environment. Accidentally ghosting your face through plexiglass every other time you check six, or guessy-feely where the canopy glass is not a part of that immersion. The cancel culture comparison is hilarious because if anything it's you naysayers that are doing any kind of canceling And then the rest of your comment is just nonsensical comparisons that are entirely irrelevant in a floundering attempt to make a strawman argument. Thanks for the laugh, a wonderful start to the weekend lmao
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