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Where do we report 2.5 specific problems in training missions and suchlike?


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Where should we post to raise 2.5 specific issues on training missions for aircraft modules, such as flaming cliffs? Doesn’t seem to be an obvious subcategory for mission issues in the 2.5 bugs and problems forum.

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As I don't see any mission related category in the "2.5 Open Beta Bugs and Problems" part of the forum, I guess we can reasonably say you're in the right place. :thumbup:


Here are some recent posts about issues affecting missions included in DCS:




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I've done several training missions recently with the Mi-8 and F-5 and here is what I can report:

- Mi-8 startup tutorial stuck at shutdown APU (no follow-up even after shuting it down)

- In VR bottom part of text is sometimes cut off

- F-5 guided bomb tutorial issue with JTAC reporting "no further tasking available" right from the start

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