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  1. It is worth it for sure. It's the only aircraft I'm flying right now. I dropped the Hornet cause way too many bugs.
  2. LAU-105 and BRU-42LS (empty pods) don't get loaded despite getting a "rearming complete" message. I tested loading them in the mission editor to see if it makes any difference but it didn't. Please find a track below. empty_pods_no_rearm.trk
  3. It has been brought up already multiple times but no reaction from the ED crew whatsoever. I don't get it.
  4. I'm having the same issue here.
  5. I wouldn't say it would add realism but having it as a special option we can enable or disable would be a very good idea.
  6. Hello, tried mission 12 of the campaign twice and always the same issue: Mi-28 helicopter number 101 crashes after dialog telling us to come close next to it. The mission is impossible to finish because of this issue. Track is too big to be uploaded here so I had to upload it on Dropbox. Link here.
  7. I haven't experienced any stuttering or performance issues on my end.
  8. If you think that it being WIP means you don't need to leave feedback and that everything will magically appear fixed and fine upon release... well, you're in for a rude awakening because chances are you're looking at the release textures here.
  9. I agree with the OP. The deck looks simply awful. I don't know what went through their mind when they made the textures...
  10. Nope. It's showing up on my download list in the module manager and I'm running the Open Beta.
  11. Guys, please stop wishing to pay for updates... :music_whistling:
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