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LSS with a client ground based laser


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There is definatly some strange behaviour with lasing in general, its a bit early to nail it down, i need to do more testing.


I have succesfully buddy lased with an A10 being the lasing platform. But i cannot get the same results with an AV8 laser source. LSS has been patchy, sometimes finding the laser sometimes not.


No real reproducable results, but its worth a further investigation.

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LST/LSS works for me offline (scripted AI lasing in the Vulcan Forge campaign) but doesnt in multiplayer. We tested with a human JTAC on the ground and a human A10 lasing, and the DMT in LST mode wasnt able to acquire the laser. DMT was pointed very close to to the target and I flew from 20nm away to about 2nm and it still woulnt see it. Laser code was set correctly.



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"and a human A10 lasing, and the DMT in LST mode wasnt able to acquire the laser"


maybe the a10 was to far away?

'controlling' the Ka50 feels like a discussion with the Autopilot and trim system about the flight direction.

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Originally Posted by EAF602 Red View Post

I’ve never had a problem picking up the laser, either from another’s aircraft or Jtac in LST mode online or offline

Was the laser fired by a human player ?


Yes it was m8, a10c

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I've had a similar experience, which I related in another thread.

Here, let me auto-quote :

We tried buddy lasing between a leader packing 4 fuel tanks and a TPOD and 2 wingmen packing 12 GBU-12 each. Yeah, that's overkill


Anyway, it kinda worked at start and then stopped working. Very weird.


One of my wingmen was able to catch my laser point with his DMT a few times (not always, far from it) and fire a few GBU-12 (sometimes with DMT locked on my laser, sometimes blindly) which tracked my laser.


Then it stopped working for him ; a second wingman joined and for him it never worked (no GBU-12 ever tracked). #2 was sometimes able to get my laser point on his DMT but reported it moving wildly and erratically.


We tried different altitudes, different aspects, changing laser codes, but no joy...


I'm interested in everyone's experience with buddy lasing between a TPOD and a DMT/GBU-12...

Does it work ? Doesn't it ? What is the limiting factor ?

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