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Please, Black Shark 1.2 makes something perfect


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I wanted times by you to know which in Black Shark of everything to be changed would have there by LOMAC the combat flight simulator badly become!

Please all register for it are!!!!! and their would wish notes



I begin times:

- real Game sounds with 5.1 to 7.1(X-Fi +thx) support


- all cockpits are adjustable by mouse (thus as with the BS only for all flyable planes)


- more material weapons for all jets


- more flyable airplanes


- rudder padels toe-brake support


- exhaust gas jets for all airplanes


- Multiplayer:

- Skins which one from others does not have download automaticly


- Chat as Half-Life + menu in the MP to revise (to simplify)


- Anti-Cheat Tool + better net code for more performence


To all developers of Eagle Dynamics did not read your simulation fan in the pass. Please did not read after Black Shark (and Patches unite) LOCK on become extinct! Please it takes to hearts Eagle Dynamics team to you!


I pray for it that their BS 1,2 with all wish well convert.

I would donate for it even money! :pilotfly: Please Community does which for your game.



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Another request:

_ reduce FPS drop when firin' cannon or bomb into the water (sometimes achive 2-7fps wiat any VGA, CPUs)


it's now exist in both LOMAC and LOFC, at this problem ED should learn from Crytek's Far Cry, firing gun into water without fps drop...it's great

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