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[REPORTED]Clients exploding on airfield in multiplayer

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It's happening all the time. We've tested on the Persian Gulf map and same thing happens. Clients start to warp in and out of the terrain and then explode. It happens when you take off from the carrier and land at an airfield and on both of our servers. I'm including a track file from this morning.


Snowman said that when he looked at my aircraft externally that it was doing the same thing that I saw when external on his aircraft. This can be reproduced because it was doing the same thing with a different client and me yesterday. Shows up in the Tacview as well. If you select Snowman's aircraft in Tacview you'll see him bounce up and down through the runway at the end.


Go to 2:25 and watch till end.


VAF SUPT And Refueling Caucasus beta-20180616-095851.trk

Tacview-20180616-095918-DCS-VAF SUPT And Refueling Caucasus beta.zip

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Can confirm this is also happening on both Aerobatics Online servers. A mass player disconnect/timeout usually follows. I watched a server full with 43 people go to 0 in less than three minutes.



I don't see anything in the logs other than the normal slot switching, and then a lot of people suddenly disconnecting.

Aerobatics Online Server Admin


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Its on private servers too.

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Seen this a bunch of times especially in helicopters when you spawn in

Sometimes = instant EXPLODE , reported but ED don't seem to care about MP

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Still happening.


On multiplayer

Current version OB as of 25.06.2019 (


Spawn on stennis, carrier is not moving.

Rearm/refuel, feeling that weight kick as usual.


Take off, go land to an airfield.


When I come to a full stop, I bounce up, fall down, explode.


There are situations when that not happens, I believe when I do not rearm, but can't remember all occasions now, going to try a bit (needs multiplayer situation so it's not easy to produce in single)

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  • ED Team

Do you have track, log? Do you remember server and mission name?


Added. As I see, here described two issues: 1. A/C bouncing and exploding on the airfield (mostly catched after carrier takeoff and AF landing) and 2. mass A/C exploding and 'kicking' from server.


Second issue should be solved (we hope) with update, we have had tickets in Tech. Support. But we still watching situation and I ask server admins to report similar cases.


First issue doesn't reproduced here (we flew a lot of public servers) and needs steps for reproducing as detailed as possible.

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Respawn aircraft exploding and sinking into runway


Respawn aircraft exploding and sinking into runway;


This is pretty new to the game now! Old reliable mission will cause some players to rubber band all around and others to sink through carrier decks and land bases to the "Under Oceans".. me I'm normally hosting so I don't see it! However; most everyone else is having issues when trying to play any mutiplayer missions now! but hay! I'm not bitter or nothing.


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