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Constant crashes and cant join MP - Unplayable :(


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Can’t make it through a single player A10C mission without a crash to desktop..


Can’t join a MP server without DCS freezing when getting to the select role screen... no matter how long I wait.


DCS is unplayable and it is absolutely killing me. Cannot wait for this to be fixed.





16gb gskill ripjaws

500gb nvme ssd

Asus 1080ti turbo




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A well known solution, set pagefile custom to 32768-32768





Thanks for the tips guys.



Crashes occurs only if I hit the pause key,then go in the outside vew and back,hit resume or after landing-->outside view and than hit esc. maybe my settings are too high.



My only mod(s) are your caucasus textures and a vew plane skins.



I will try your tip with the pagefile settings. Last time I did this was under Win7 ;-)

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