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[REPORTED]CMDS doesn't update.


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Countermeasures don't rearm


Able to successfully re-arm hardpoints and refuel the aircraft, but I cannot get the chaff or flares quantities to change or re-arm.


Reproduced in single and multiplayer and on the Caucuses and Nevada Maps.

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Can confirm. Re-arm menu shows they have been loaded but I cannot get the CMS system to acknowledge. Tried full turning off the CMS and then on again, no luck.

My Rig:



CPU: i9-9900k - Corsair H150 Cooler. RAM: 32GB, 3200Mhz.

Mobo: Asus MAXIMUS Formula XI - Main Drive: 512GB NvME SSD

DCS Drive: 512GB NvME SSD - Graphics: GTX 1070 Ti. Display: 23" 1080p LG LCD.

Input: Razer Naga & Blackwidow Ultimate, TrackIR 5, HOTAS Warthog & MFDs (x4), Saitek Rudder Pedals, TurtleBeach PX22 Headset.



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