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[FIXED INTERNALLY] Viper Countermeasures number


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If you rearmed your viper and you didn't fire any chaff/flare the chaff/flare number increase instead of right numbers

Happen both MP and SP(I found these issues in MP)






Notice: I was trying to add a track but it fails so I take a screenshot of what I'm trying to talk about...

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chaff/flare keep increasing for each time rearming


if i rearming chaff/flare while some is still remaining, each time the number on display keep increasing, and over the total maximum 120.


the real total amounts in storage is correct (total 120 dispensed tested).

only number showing on display is wrong.


is anyone else experienced this, or my client is broken ?




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Why sometimes 120 chaff/flares, why sometimes 60?


Just a quick question:

Sometimes I have 60 chaff and 60 flares when I start in the Viper, sometimes 120. I haven´t figured out which loadout it is that gives me the 60+60 extra cartridges. I assume it´s a launcher mounted dispenser or something else I´ve missed?


I bet some of you know right away what it is and can give me a quick answer.

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