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Adf radio statuc


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Hi again:


I don´t know if it´s working or not. In a way ...


I use the COM2 radio with the adf, and the static disappears if I re-enable the squelch on the UFC, but pulling the COM1 Knob.


If I do the same with the COM2 knob it doesn´t disappear.


Do you thing this is the correct behaviour?.



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I'm not an expert or hard-core player, but I figured I'd post what I 'know' in hopes it might help.



Apparently, at least in perhaps earlier versions of the Hornet (might have been fixed since) there was a glitch with the Squelch system. From what I remember of a tutorial video, switching the ADF button to 1 or 2 would disable the Squelch Filter (colon beside the SQLCH text on the right of the UFC panel disappears, indicating it's off). If I remember right, the fix was to turn the ATC switch to OFF, turn on Squelch Filtering (click the button to the left of the SQLCH text field), and then put the ATC back on(?)... Not sure, but there WAS some glitch with it.



That all said, if you are using Comm2 for navigation and Comm1 for communication, you could always lower the volume of Comm2 (Volume knob on the right of the panel) if the Squelch filter doesn't work (...it SEEMS to work for me, if only sometimes). Just be sure not to turn it down to zero, as the system needs it audible (if only just) in order to function.



Again, I'm not an authority on this, and this might all be wrong, but hopefully that might help steer you to a solution.

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@giordino: Odd... that sounds like one of the issues I was having. I had ATC on Comm1, and a nav beacon on Comm2... yet even with Comm1 on full volume, the voice was VERY faint. When I put Comm2 up to full volume (it was as about 10%, since it was a nav, and had annnoying squelch noise), the voice suddenly was proper volume... So, even though ATC was on Comm1, the Comm2 volume knob seemed to control the volume. Not sure what was going on there... The Squelch Filter seems to still be a bit bugged... or at least inconsistant... although maybe I'm just doing something wrong sometimes.

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