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Aircraft Release WIP list

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I make a WIP list with the DCS aircrafts:





In Progress:

-DCS: Black Shark Ka-50: Beta?

-DCS:A-10A: Alpha?

-DCS: Apache AH-64A: Modeling cockpit, Alpha?

-DCS:F-16C: Modeling cockpit

-DCS:Mil Mi-24: Modeling cockpit

-DCS:F-15C: Modeling Airplane

-DCS;Su-27S/P: Modeling Airplane

-DCS: Mig-29A/S: Modeling Airplane

-DCS: Su-25/25S: Modeling Airplane?


future proyect:


DCS: F-18C: Stooped



DCS: A-10C

DCS: AC-130U

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IMHO great thing is we will get HIND. That is what I wanted since DI's HIND.


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no, there was a post some time back (after the release of blackshark, but before the announcement of A10c) where Wags listed all of the modules that were "in some way" under production:


I think silver dragons "in progress" list is accurate-ish to the contents of that post from Matt all that time ago.


Who knows the state of play now though?


found the post:



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