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Track IR and aiming sight


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If you got Track IR, then u can move around targeting reticle with your head from inside the tank, but this doesn't correspond with gun movement. you can look 90 to the side of gun with gun aiming point, and thats is making aiming impossible with track IR on. I have to suspend track IR to make it aligned again. Outside view works properly 

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did this bug report slip by unnoticed? I'm asking because there was no reaction and it is not tagged with reported.

The bug still exists. Using head tracking (TrackIR) while aiming with e. g. a tank, the aiming reticle will stay in the center of the screen instead of indicating where the weapon is aiming.

This used to work much better until earlier in the year when you were simply not able to look around freely while aiming a gun. Back then it was not necessary to disable head tracking for aiming in combined arms.


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