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Waypoint distance decreasing, all of a sudden increasing (10 miles out)

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I was flying the Su25-T under bad weather conditions with rain, cloud base at ~ 2000 meters, 5 a.m. Nevada map Creech AFB, March. Meaning dark, rainy, windy, (yes I know very rare down south).


Taxi, runway, takeoff no problem. Off to the first waypoint. Since I'm new and purchased Nevada via the latest sale, I'm not familiar with the topology of the region. So I used the F10 map occasionally. As soon as I switched back to F1 cockpit view, I noticed all of a sudden the waypoint distance increased from where I left off. I was only a few seconds into the F10 map, not that somebody thinks I overshot the waypoint. I think my plane was 10.4 miles out heading towards the first waypoint when it happend.


To correct the issue I manually switched to waypoint 2. F10 map again 11 miles out, same thing happened! I saved the track record and will review this evening and I'll report back.

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