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  1. Or use a helper program called "RSMapper" in order to assign keyboard commands to certain buttons for the third Thrustmaster MFD. It even gives you the ability to trigger three distinct actions for one button. First by simply pressing the button like you're used to, then another action by releasing the same button and the third mode is by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.
  2. No problem, life sometimes grabs all attention. Or your PC denies service like mine in the recent weeks while for no apparent reason play ball fine for a week. Really temperamental lady she is... Can you send me your Discord information via PM?
  3. Is that an NVMe or SATA SSD you have? Also, you didn't specifically say whether the FPS drops disappear on their own after X amount of minutes or if the system stays stuttery. What is your preload number? Standard 100,000?
  4. Guten Tag, I wonder how the JF-17 fits into the picture? I'm liking the Thunder quite much, apart from the manual and the recently appearing bugs, and it's my main airframe for now. Do you fly the Jeff as a "hop in and have fun" airplane then, or do you aspire the same mil-sim attitude towards the JF-17 excercises? Have a good week!
  5. Good morning, are you guys in any shape or form interested in a JF-17 driver? Do you do Red Flag missions? Before you shrug off the idea, please mind that the JF-17 is an excellent opponent for modern Red Flags, and secondly overall a very interesting and well designed module (apart from the "manual" which is utter crap). Being proficient in the JF-17, I could also give instructions to interested members of yours. Cheers!
  6. Just a quick follow up: I managed to get DCS stable to a point where it didn't crash or produce BSOD's for a few days now due to adjusting (loosening) the RAM timings. However, I had a problem with the cable, supposedly. The Reverb G2 HMD would randomly go black, which is a known phenomenon of cable revision 1, which was prone to produce this behavior. But, I possess the revision 2 cable now. It seems the connection is very finnicky and the cable should not hang left of the body below the sitting height of the player, e.g., the height of your head above ground. While moving the head, the connection would eventually desync. It then loses the image on both lenses, but not the sound or head tracking. The only solution to get back an image is to shut down Windows Mixed Reality, SteamVR, DCS, essentially back to a blank Windows desktop. To me, that's odd, but as with all proprietary technology, we can only use it and everything else is speculation as to how these things function.
  7. I noticed that the SD-10 is quite effective at high altitudes and high speeds. However, near to the ground (or water), I've also seen missiles going stupid when I was perfectly between the MAR and the NEZ and in a superior position over the enemy. Also, versus quite radar cross section heavy targets, like Flankers and Fulcrums, not against a F-5 or something tiny.
  8. Hey guys, real quick: I tried to search for a related topic, couldn't find one. The Hornet "glows" like a supernova. The corona of the position and anti-col lights reaches beyond the boundaries of the whole airplane. The effect is so intense, that one could spot a Hornet from 10 miles away while it rolling on the taxi way. If they turn the lights off, they look normal. I'll try to post a screenshot after my next, hopefully stable, flying session.
  9. Alright, it seems that RAM timings, which are 100% stable under Linux, apparently are not under Windows. Don't ask me why. Yes, I know the kernel architecture and mitigation techniques in Linux are lightyears ahead of those of Windows. It seems Windows is prone to produce illegal exceptions that causes these BSODs. BTW, sometimes I don't even receive a BSOD, but an instant reset, as if I were to press the physical button. Found this out rather by accident cause I wanted to go to the bathroom, put down the Reverb G2 and then the crash happened. As I said, fiddling with the RAM timings in BIOS allowed me, so far, to lower at least the frequency of BSODs occurring. For the sake of other poor fellas I'll report back in any case (good or bad).
  10. Aside from that, do you overclock your card? And if so, can you post a screenshot of MSI Afterburner settings? Also, have you modded the back of the card with thermal pads in order to better cool the VRM stages? I was very successful with my OC because AMD, for whatever non logic reason, decided to NOT contact the aluminum backplate with the board, at all. In reality, there's a rather big gap between the two, which heats up the air quite a bit. Doing the mod, which doesn't require you to brake any warranty seals, takes five minutes, a screwdriver, the thermal pads for 10$ and gives you max OC in return, at least with my silicon sample.
  11. No I don't. However, that has more to do with my head shape. Unfortunately the modded gasket for my Reverb G2, which should increase my FOV, didn't improve anything in terms of angles or diameter. However it increased my sweetspot tremendously. To put this in numbers: My circle is 0.35! Other people really notice the difference in blurryness at the edges, I don't, it's a static circle for my brain / eyes and if anything gets out of this circle, I wont be able to read it anyway just by slewing my eyes left and right. Does this make sense? If not, let me know and I'll explain another way.
  12. I would not use 1.0 as sharpener, rather below 0.9. Holger Frydrych wrote small a piece into the README.md and I read about the sharpener in more detail in a blog. 6700XT here, massive difference! Since with vrperfkit you can use AMD CAS, which gave me both visual acuity and another ~ 25% performance. Meaning it looks better and runs better. And BTW, Holger Frydrych doesn't maintain OpenVR Kit any longer, all new development goes into vrperfkit. Another thing: You really can play with MSAA 2x? AFAIK the 6800XT is better than the 6700XT, but not by lightyears. If I turn on MSAA, I'm lucky to get off the runway in one piece ;D Me again: Turn of "bloom effect", which helped me tremendously reading anything that "glows".
  13. Please post a screenshot of your DCS settings screen and possibly PiMAX screens. To be clear: Do you use supersampling, meaning higher rendering than the native PiMAX resolution. Secondly, do you use vrperfkit from fholger, which also uses a sharpener and at least helped me a great deal in terms of clarity and readability.
  14. Thank you for your effort helping a random dude like you do isn't the norm! I'm at a point where I was often in my life: Telling the boss or customer (usually the boss too), that it would be not economical to go down the rabbit hole any further and, drums please... I suggest to attack the problem with... MONEY. Meaning replacing both the Reverb and the 6700XT, which after upgrading to the only viable AMD card, a 6900XT, would both set me back 1500 €. I'm currently in the process of building a JF-17 cockpit. Let me tell you, I don't even think I will pay 1500 € for the initial, usable part of the cockpit. 3 MFCDs, upfront UFCP, gear lever panel, in short the upfront stuff.
  15. Rock stable (unfortunately). It would be so easy if I had crashes elsewhere, I'd be light years ahead in terms of possible solutions. The system runs as a server during non-gaming times (most of the week) doing network simulations and virtualization and performs superbly, really workhorses these Ryzens and lots of cheap RAM. I have played on that system with the 1060 only in TrackIR for a few months (rock stable) until I received the 6700 XT for a reasonable price. I mean I could try the 1060, on the other hand not a good idea, since the architecture and drivers are different, so 3 variables changed instead of one. But at least it would rule out the the headset. Completely clean Windows install, nothing on it, not even discord. And stripped down service-wise, meaning no BS running in the background. Yes, the well known X570 chipset problem, which AMD hasn't mitigated in over a year! That's why I call this "consumer crap", and colleagues too. It's usually the support side of things, not the engineering. Which leads me to... Of course, I tried different USB Ports, have tried two internal USB addon cards, one with a VIA chipset, the other some random chinese chip. And I as well tested different displayports. The new HP Revberb G2 Cable "Version 2" now allows me to use the onboard USB-C Connection and I really thought that'd be the culprit. Hell, the HP Customer Service Agent was so nice and helpful, we talked half an hour, that he sent me the replacement cable via UPS Priority, came within less than 24h. I guess he really felt my pain.
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