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Client warbird planes seem to sink into the ground or hover above it (Updated June 30th 2021 with video)


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EDIT: This video shows two Spitfire landings (never mind the crashing). The first appears to float above the ground slightly, and the second clip shows the Spitfire sink significantly into the ground: 


This problem is seen by all three clients. Own plane looks fine but others have this problem (low or high). It happens mostly on taildraggers in our experience, though helicopters sometimes have a little of this too (though not as extreme). Also, when I saw the desert camo plane as hovering, the other client in the silver plane ALSO saw him as hovering above ground a similar amount. So it isn't different from client to client who sees what. Only that own plane is correct.


If you see a "parked" Mustang in the background (my plane), you can see it is perfectly aligned with the ground (ignore the bent prop)


It also seems to happen on all maps. This is Syria-map.


After a little while (less than a minute), we noticed that the planes seemed fine again, like they somehow got adjusted by the server or something. Was about to choose a new plane for a different flight when I was made aware of it, so I don't have a video of that happening.


We play on a dedicated server, where all players have low ping (50 ms and less). And we haven't had this problem until the last few months. Not sure exactly which patch introduced it as we don't always fly warbirds in multiplayer. 


[Old post below]
I regularly play multiplayer and usually everything works fine. Very little lag and other issues. 

But lately (past couple of months, don't know exactly which patch introduced it) we've had the problem that warbirds like the P-47 don't sit correctly on the ground when we land. Suspecting that it is a taildragger issue. Also happens on FW-190, Bf-109 and so on.


Own plane looks fine, but the other two on the server are either sunk deep into the ground or hovering above it (2-3 meters off). Sometimes they sink so deep visually that you can only see the top of the propeller and maybe a bit of the cockpit. And sometimes they hover equally high above the ground.


It does not happen with modern jets. F-16, F-18 and others look just fine.


Helicopters sometimes clip a bit into the ground as well, but not as badly as the taildragger warbirds.


Every player sees their own plane looking normal but the other two being either too high or too low on the ground.


Once in the air however, everything is correct, meaning the planes are actually where they are supposed to be. So, it has to be something with the synchronizing of positions on the ground only.


First we thought it might just be a lag problem or a local "bug" of some sort, so we've run "repair" on the dedicated server as well as all clients, but no effect. Hoped recent patches would fix it, but the bug happened in multiplayer again last night.



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Added video and more info - also spelling
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  • yngvef changed the title to Client warbird planes seem to sink into the ground or hover above it (Updated with video)
  • yngvef changed the title to Client warbird planes seem to sink into the ground or hover above it (Updated June 30th 2021 with video)

In my case sometimes they sink under ground and other time they levitate 🙂

Similar behavior when im watching client landing, often sinking under ground and after a while emerging above ground level, looks like sync issue, something that could be worked on, but it's not happening consistently on my end, so no so high priority imho.

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System specs: I7 14700KF, Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite, 64GB DDR4 3600MHz, Gigabyte RTX 4090,Win 11, 48" OLED LG TV + 42" LG LED monitor

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In my experience it happens every time we fly multiplayer. It's pretty annoying and makes us fly the warbirds less because it looks so terrible when landing.


Every plane may glitch into terrain for a second if landing hard for example. That is a classic multiplayer issue as I guess there is some interpolation going on where the client is trying to predict where the other planes will be next moment, and if they make a sudden change, there is a bit of lag. Same as a plane rolling extremely fast may look like it is "glitching" a bit.


But as you can see in my video, the planes that sink or float are doing so for a long time. Even until stopped and while taxiing around.


I hope it gets looked at. The fact that it's exclusively taildraggers that suffer worst makes me hope that the devs can find the bug.


We've tried running "repair" on all clients as well as the server PC. None are running mods except some addon liveries.

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