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AI crashes in CASE II carrier approach

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Agreed, on Case II, Carrier Wx: 0/0!


Note: Radar altitude: 1420

                          HDG: 308

Distance from Boat:   11.4 miles 


On running DCS World Mission Qualification

- Case II, ran just fine but, the Saved Mission appears to be a corrupted file.


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The case two recovery must be altered in the mission editor!  Simply call up the case  recovery mission and then say that under a different name.  The file  saved  in My Missions folder.  


1.  And from the main menu, select the Mission Editor.

2.  I will include a file path to call up the case II carrier recovery.  

3.  Any parameter in the mission can be altered at this point.

     **Note File path from  the  screenshot

              You must save as:    A different file name, under My Missions!!!!!

Best Regards,

Glenn Swindle 

Screenshot (16).png

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