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2.7 Crashes


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My game is crashing constantly only since the last update. I've got no unofficial mods at all and have run full repairs. Windows is fully up to date and my gfx card driver is on the latest stable version. My log file is full of warnings about cloud shaders. Does anyone have any advice regarding shaders. I've already tried deleting the FX folder and the metashaders folder from the saved games path. Anyone have any ideas? It was fine until the last update. Now I cant stay in a single play or multiplayer for more than ten minutes.



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added last crash log.zip
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Hi. Your issue is not about shaders (everybody's got these shader errors in 2.7 logs, it's just WIP), it's about mouse and cockpit (see below).

I've never seen this issue before. What action are you doing with your mouse when crashes happen?


2021-05-30 21:03:36.501 INFO    COCKPITBASE: 
airbaseType - "airdrome",
direction - 
    x - 14867.437500,
    z - 13287.715820,
pressure - 94369.109131,
runway - 3,
runway_side - 2,
wind - 
    x - 3.023035,
    z - 1.662995
2021-05-30 21:03:37.693 INFO    EDCORE: try to write dump information
2021-05-30 21:03:37.706 INFO    EDCORE: # -------------- 20210530-210338 --------------
2021-05-30 21:03:37.707 INFO    EDCORE: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19042)
2021-05-30 21:03:37.707 INFO    EDCORE: D:\Program Files\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\CockpitBase.dll
2021-05-30 21:03:37.708 INFO    EDCORE: # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 9AE75B08 00:00000000
2021-05-30 21:03:37.709 INFO    EDCORE: SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '.', symOptions: 532, UserName: 'geoff'
2021-05-30 21:03:37.709 INFO    EDCORE: OS-Version: 10.0.19042 () 0x100-0x1
2021-05-30 21:03:37.750 INFO    EDCORE: 0x0000000000185B08 (CockpitBase): cockpit::opacity_material::operator= + 0xF08
2021-05-30 21:03:37.751 INFO    EDCORE: 0x000000000018B7E2 (CockpitBase): cockpit::ccMouseHandler::cursorIsVisible + 0x622
2021-05-30 21:03:37.752 INFO    EDCORE: 0x000000000062C27B (DCS): SW + 0x33B77B
2021-05-30 21:03:37.753 INFO    EDCORE: 0x0000000000166CCF (Visualizer): smCamera_Implement::getClipRegion + 0x503F
2021-05-30 21:03:37.753 INFO    EDCORE: 0x000000000016FAA3 (Visualizer): smSceneManager::CreateSceneManager + 0x7A03
2021-05-30 21:03:37.754 INFO    EDCORE: 0x00000000007EA590 (DCS): SW + 0x4F9A90
2021-05-30 21:03:37.754 INFO    EDCORE: 0x00000000008000BB (DCS): SW + 0x50F5BB
2021-05-30 21:03:37.755 INFO    EDCORE: 0x00000000007D0F44 (DCS): SW + 0x4E0444
2021-05-30 21:03:37.755 INFO    EDCORE: 0x00000000007D131D (DCS): SW + 0x4E081D
2021-05-30 21:03:37.756 INFO    EDCORE: 0x0000000001C4BF17 (DCS): AmdPowerXpressRequestHighPerformance + 0xE5CF13
2021-05-30 21:03:37.758 INFO    EDCORE: 0x0000000000A07E9E (DCS): SW + 0x71739E
2021-05-30 21:03:37.760 INFO    EDCORE: 0x0000000000017034 (KERNEL32): BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x14
2021-05-30 21:03:37.761 INFO    EDCORE: 0x0000000000052651 (ntdll): RtlUserThreadStart + 0x21
2021-05-30 21:03:37.936 INFO    EDCORE: Minidump created.


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A track or it didn't happen.

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I'm not actually touching the mouse at all when it crashes. I'm surprised to hear about the clouds. My mate has just checked his and said there was nothing about clouds in his log. I've just changed the mission to turn clouds off altogether and managed to fly without a crash. However the mission I've just flown was a night mission and the only time I used the mouse was with the cockpit light when cold starting the F18, then didn't use it after that. The game was crashing when I was Taxiing. I also had multiple crashes before this mission. I'm building a Gazelle mission for a campaign idea I have and it crashed every 10 minutes. It's only been happening since the most recent update.

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Just a follow up. I seem to have this sorted now and have managed to fly tonight with no crashes. I did some googling because of what you said (Flappie) about the mouse error. I found something that advised looking in event viewer for error id 1000 Task 100 relating to atkexComSvc.exe (https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/atkexcomsvc.html) Its something to do with Asus utilities and interestingly the article said that


"The AtkexComsvc is designed to run automatically when the system boots. It is able to record keyboard and mouse input. For these reasons, it scours the Internet and may end up using much computer resources."

The only ASUS utility I know of on my computer was GPU Tweak 2 which I was using. I got rid of it. I also went into services and set Asus Com Service and Asus Cert service to manual start only. So far so good I have had no crashes tonight. I will probably add back mods I like and see how I go. I'm hoping this is the fix I needed. Thanks @Flappie for the help and for getting me to look at things relating to mouse input.

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